Yoni eggs and outdoor sex

Yoni eggs as a trainer for women’s practices

Yoni is a sacred stone in ancient China. It is a symbol of eternal life, perfection, power and power, radiating the energy of the cosmos. People believed that Yoni in the shape of an egg embodies a harmonious reunion of devotion and purity of the soul, benevolence and impartiality of its owner. Yoni vaginal balls were used in ancient times. They were used as a vaginal muscle exerciser.

The relationship between Yoni and a woman’s body

The heart chakra radiates waves that coincide with the vibrations of Yoni. In this stone are connected many elements required for the metabolic process that takes place in the cells of the body. As a result of the violation of this process, aging occurs, and Yoni helps to prolong youth. Yoni ball is a kind of simulator, well acting on the vaginal muscles and the health of the whole organism. It is believed that in Yoni concluded female power.

Yoni eggs Trainings

Yoni eggs – trainers for women’s practices. Such products are made exclusively from natural stone. In the process of polishing it is treated to a perfectly smooth surface and gives the shape of an egg. Yoni eggs can be produced with and without holes. Holes are designed to pull the rope. Nephrite is a fairly strong rock; therefore all manipulations with it require caution and the use of special equipment. The rope is necessary for ease of use. It is fixed with a pin to the clothes. In case of accidental loss of eggs from the vagina, it will remain clean, simply hanging on the mount.

How do Yoni eggs on the female body?

Yoni eggs contribute to the alignment of the feminine – energy Yin. In the set, most often, you can find 3 vaginal eggs of different sizes, each of which has separate properties. During the training of her intimate muscles, a woman increases the flow of her vital energy, develops sensuality and eroticism. You can purchase products separately.

Obstetricians and gynecologists argue that in women who use such devices for training, childbirth is easier. Due to the strengthened muscles, the birth canal remains complete, and the body’s recovery is much faster. In ancient China, it was Yoni eggs that were used in the treatment of certain female diseases. Today, they are used for the prevention and treatment of such symptoms and diseases:

  • Cysts
  • Painful menstrual cycle;
  • Chronic inflammatory processes;
  • Erosive ulcers;
  • Prolapse of the uterus;

Training with the use of vaginal balls helps to normalize the micro-flora of the vaginal environment. Reviews of Kegel balls are filled with evidence that with the help of antibacterial effects, eggs reduce the percentage of the likelihood of female diseases. In addition, they help strengthen the immune system.

Yoni balls for rocking muscles, during training, increase the release of pheromones that help attract men. Wearing eggs multiplies sexual pleasure. This is due to the action of the balls on the sensitive areas of the vagina (nerve endings). Thus, it is possible to cure female frigidity.

Egg shape is chosen for a reason. It is a rounded appearance that has a magical effect, since the earth and human auras have about the same appearance. An egg is a symbol of the life and mysteries of the universe. Moreover, this type of simulator for intimate muscles is the most convenient and effective to use, because it is possible to strengthen and develop the vaginal muscles only using this type of product.

Yoni eggs are ideal for training the muscles of the pelvic floor. Reviews suggest that Kegel balls are best purchased with a set of three units of different sizes. This product is subject to comparison with dumbbells in the gym – the larger the egg, the higher its weight. The first training is carried out using the smallest object, then the load increases. At a time when a woman can freely pull into the vagina the smallest egg, you need to move to a larger one. This is done to maintain muscle tone. The most effective workouts are carried out using a set of three eggs, but some are enough one.

How to clean Yoni eggs

Such an intimate women’s area as the vagina requires a special approach to the products used in training. After purchase, immediately before use, it is necessary to clean the Kegel balls. For cleaning a yoni egg follow this sequence:

  • In a salt solution (200 ml of water per 1 tablespoon salt) lower simulators. They must be here within 24 hours. Salt is the best way to clear them of unwanted information that was absorbed in the process of production and delivery. These devices are not subject to boiling, the heat treatment process destroys their positive properties.
  • Next, wash them in cold water. This is followed by a thorough treatment with one of the disinfectants (Miramistin, Chlorhexidine).

In addition to the owner, no one should touch Yoni eggs (including men) in order to avoid transferring foreign energy. If the touch happened then it is necessary to repeat the cleansing procedure.

Instructions for using the vaginal simulator

Correct application guarantees immediate results. But before using it is worth understanding a few important rules:

The weak tone of the vaginal muscles that have never experienced loads is an indicator for preliminary training. The preparatory stage should last until it is possible to develop elasticity and increase the strength of the muscles of the pelvic floor. If this is not done, pain will remain after each workout. In the extreme case, they generally will not be able to hold, because the egg will just fall.

To achieve the correct movement of the vaginal simulator through the vaginal canal, it is necessary to learn how to manage the three muscles (anal, vaginal, urethral), separating them. Having not curbed these three sphincters, at every tension during training, extra organs will be involved that do not affect the result of the movement of the egg. A side effect can be frequent headaches, increased pressure.

Learning to pull the egg will not work unless you work with the diaphragm. Pushing is done by creating pressure in the abdominal cavity, and the pelvic muscles at this point remain drawn. This helps ensure the prevention of uterine prolapse. For pregnant women, the use of yoni egg is also permitted. For them, experts have developed a separate set of exercises. But it is worth remembering that all movements are reproduced as carefully as possible, so as not to harm the fetus.