Vibrators and Outdoor sex

How to use Vibrator for Men For better Intercourse Experience

Men who did not know that they could use a vibrator, they either thought that vibrators were only for women, or that men might like it. When men give vibrators a chance, they change their mind. Vibrators are not made for a particular type of people; they are intended for all who are interested in discovering new ways to test sexual pleasure. Men, in particular, are given few options, and vibrators can provide new opportunities and open up the sexual desire that they have not yet experienced. If you’re interested, here are tips for men on how to use a vibrator.

How to use a vibrator for men

Follow the myth. Most people think that vibrators are for women only. Since you probably never imagined that vibrators could come to you, it may take time to get used to the idea of ​​using a vibrator. The good news is that if you try it, you will be rewarded. Remember that sex toys are not made for children or certain people; they are prepared to stimulate nerve endings. Vibrators are designed for everyone, and the fact that you use one type of vibrator does not say anything about you, only your desire to feel pleasure. Experts lay down the techniques for men in using vibrator.

Examine your vibrator

Take your vibrator out of the package and see how it works and on which batteries. Play with the buttons and switches, and see what speeds and settings it has. Wash the vibrator thoroughly before use. If it is not intended for use in water, try to keep water away from the batteries. Check for sharp ends and seams. Make sure the vibrator comes with the packaging of the cells, and all the wires are solid. If there are any flaws, return the vibrator shop before use.

Start alone

Even if you plan to use your vibrator with a partner, try it alone first. You will be less shy and can concentrate without being distracted by your partner. Make sure you have time and space. If you have roommates, kids, thin walls or noisy neighbours, you can turn on the music and use blankets to mute the sound (or get a vibrator that works quietly.

Play with the lights on

Not everyone will be so comfortable, and vision may not be the feeling you rely on, but playing with a vibrator with the lights on may be educational and useful. You can find places on your body with a lot of nerve endings. This is information that you can use in the future and share it with your partner. You can achieve the same effect by touching, knowing exactly which places are particularly sensitive.

Turn it off before turning it on

This is a generalisation, but men are probably not as often concerned with all parts of the body as women. You can be 100% familiar with your genitals, but how well are you familiar with your hips? When was the last time you felt what it was like when your legs are touched from behind? Before you start applying the vibrator, feel how it works on your body. Squeeze it tightly in the skin and massage your muscles with it. This will not lead you to orgasm, but it is a slow way that introduces your body to a vibrator.

Move the vibrator inward

When you turn on the vibrator, start by touching your legs and arms with it. Touch the arms, legs, abdomen, shoulders and neck, scalp and face. Although vibrators are usually used side by side in the penis, scrotum, anus, and nipples, don’t go straight to that. Feel the vibration throughout the body and slowly move to the most sensitive areas. You can slowly move the vibrator to the inside of your thighs, slowly walk the crotch and drive in circular motions around your nipples.

Take your time: explore every inch.

The good news is that vibrators never get tired, and allow you to explore every inch of your body for sexual pleasure. Be focused on the penis that many men think that their penis is not only the sexiest part of their body but also the only thing that can lead them to orgasm. Many parts of the human body can deliver sexual pleasure. Using a vibrator is a great way to detect them. Think that you are a researcher, and the vibrator is your compass and flashlight.

Play with the speed of the vibrator.

Since men tend to use frictions for masturbation, more powerful vibrators are often needed, mainly when used around the genitals. But when exploring other parts of the body, start at low speeds, and play with speed. This can be a great pleasure.

Play with pressure.

Experiment with different strengths. It may not be so pleasant to have strong demand around the scrotum, but if you put pressure on the vibrator in the crotch area, you will stimulate the prostate. Many men find that with a sufficiently strong vibrator and enough pressure, using it on the head of the penis can lead to orgasm, even if it is not moved. Experiment with everything from a light touch of fluff to a reasonably substantial blow and see what works for you.

External and internal vibration

Hard plastic vibrators and electric vibrators are better suited for external stimulation, as they are more powerful and comfortable for external use. You can also use them for external stimulation of the anus. If you want to use a vibrator for anal penetration, we recommend buying a special nozzle for this or buying a first vibrator for anal use. You may find that vibrators made of silicone or other soft materials are more comfortable for anal penetration. Always use a water-based lubricant.

External anal stimulation

The anus (the outer part that you can see and touch) is rich in nerve endings and usually responds well to stimulus. As stated above, start slowly from the inside to the outside. See which vibrators are more enjoyable when used on the back, the inside of the thighs. Slowly move the vibrator to the anus and begin to press a little. You can twist the tip of the vibrator around this place and experiment with speed and pressure. After the feeling of novelty sensations, it becomes charming for men.

Anal penetration with a vibrator

This requires patience, excitement and a large amount of lubricant. Start slowly and energise yourself using a vibrator outside. Do not force the toy into the body. Instead, leave the tip of the included vibrator on the anus and let it slowly enter it when it is ready. When the vibrator is inside, you can experiment with speed. By tilting the vibrator towards the navel, you will stimulate the prostate. You may need to add a lubricant depending on the time you are going to play.

How to use a vibrator on a man and what are vibrators for men? There are two main types of vibrators that men can use: Anal vibrators and Masturbators with vibration and as you know, a kind of toy vibrates the prostate with vibration and the other with fluctuations.