Using butt plugs outdoor

How to wear a long anal plug when you are passive?

Some passive likes to play with an anal plug to relax before being sodomized by an active guy with a big cock. Others like to wear a gay anal plug several hours for example while they walk or do their shopping. The sensation is very exciting because the erogenous zones are stimulated which makes you want to sodomy. But wearing an anal plug several hours cannot be improvised.

How to select his anal plug for a long port?

Select your anal plug for a long lasting port with care. A small anal plug will be more pleasant to wear over time than a larger or larger model. Eliminate the inflatable anal plug too! Here is an anal plug that stimulates the prostate that expert recommend. Its size is correct; it is of good quality, ideal to be worn a long time.

How to wear a long anal plug

First play with your plug and take a few minutes at home. Take a good anal lubricant gel compatible with sex toys. There is no question here of using saliva, it dries too quickly. For example, buying the Mixgliss Max gel is a good idea because this lubricant slides very well to wear a long anal plug. It is much more comfortable.

Sit down, walk, go about your business in the house, in the garden, in the garage, on the balcony. You feel the gay sex toy move in you; touch your prostate and your erogenous zones anal. Remove it after a few minutes. The next day wear this sex toy a little longer. And so on. Finally you can wear it for hours.

What are the limits to follow to wear an anal plug longer?

The limits to respect to wear an anal plug longer are simple. First your body is not made to carry a plug permanently in your anus. Your muscles still have tonicity but there may be unexpected spills or difficulties to bowel if you abuse. If this happens to you, reduce the wearing time and muscle your anal muscles by contracting and relaxing several times for a few minutes each day. Lubricate your anal plug when you feel it hooks in you. Your skin also thanks you if you follow butt plug care.

The anal plug can also press on your bladder and make you want to urinate more often than usual. If so, buy a smaller model. Listen to your body: if you feel pain, discomfort, remove the anal plug immediately. You will come back to it later.

Apparently you have returned the problem in all directions and tried several methods but take advantage of your question to recall the basics in order to perform sodomy in the best conditions.

How to perform a sodomy (or anal report) for both men and women

The secret (for everything) is envy. If you force yourself to do something, the body will not follow; it will shrink and refuse penetration. Having apprehensions is normal, but if you are really curious and eager to try the experience, you already have the essential. This is the first indispensable step.

Prepare on a hygienic level

Food: avoid eating too much the night before or just before, especially the spicy food! Be attentive to your digestion. The lighter you will be, the more comfortable you will be.

Hygiene check: If you have doubts about the state of your hygiene and you dread bad surprises during the report, the best is to check for yourself. Lubricate your finger (with saliva or gel) and gently insert it. Keep baby wipes close for you to wipe. If you find that you are not clean, there is no shame to have, it is natural that this hole is not clean! In this case you can either postpone the report or perform an enema.

The enema: you can buy pears enema pharmacy, be careful to take for the anal and not vaginal, the tips are different. This is clearly not a glamorous practice but at least you will be sure to be perfectly clean. Be careful to expel all the water! Do it quietly in your toilet, taking care that your partner is not around or put music with a good dose of decibels, because this little ritual can cause sounds not conducive to stimulate the love parade.

Setting Up

Good breathing is essential. To practice sodomy is like a session of relaxation: put yourself in an almost second state where you release your whole body. Be inspired on several times and expire just as slowly, become aware of each sensation, appreciate them. For a penetration without pain and risk of tearing, to relax and to practice with softness is primordial.

Choosing a comfortable position where you are released or / and you take control: The goal is to be comfortable, to avoid tensions.

Lubricate it to avoid any irritation and that the condom cracks: So that the back and forth is done it must it slips! Unlike the vagina, the rectum will not produce a natural lubricant. Saliva can help but may be insufficient especially if a condom is worn. Use a gel based on water or silicone so that it does not damage it.

To dilate it: tongue, fingers, small vibros or plugs, all these natural or artificial accessories are at your fingertips. Watch out for nails if you use your fingers! In any case, insert the object very slowly, little by little but not suddenly. Go back and forth and go progressively further. For the plug you can leave a few minutes well placed while masturbating. This small phase of preparation must be a pleasure!


Penetrate gently: Do things in a gentle and delicate way. Insert millimeter by millimeter. Do not try to insert the whole sex immediately, but as and when going back and forth. He will always go a little deeper. And believe me if the partner does it well, whatever its size!

Guiding yourself: You are having sex, you are two and you are together to share a moment of pleasure. Enjoy every moment, look at yourself, do you speak. One who is penetrated can guide the other gently. There is a way of saying things of course. If you are authoritarian or take a reproachful tone, you will cool your partner.

Doing good: Kiss yourself, caress yourself. Make the experience an erotic game. The best way to prepare for is not to start directly with that. You will put pressure on yourself. Do it in the swing, having already enjoyed a lot of fun otherwise. Mister makes enjoy vaginal penetration, then come lick between her buttocks, press with your tongue at the hole. If you’re afraid of hurting with your fingers, use a little sex toy, take advantage of it to lubricate. The more excited she is, the more receptive her body will be.