Prevent Outdoor Sex With Male Chastity Devices

Chastity devise for men: When and how to use it the first times

The phallic cage is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for news on the chastity device for men, you’re probably part of the nurturing band of compulsive fans. You have not tried it yet, but the penis blockage cage intrigues you. And you indeed ask yourself how to use it, what is the right model to start taking it and what to do so that you do not create damage.

Here you will find some useful news, so you will know what to expect from a male chastity device and what it requires to discipline your sexual impulses once worn. If you have only a confused and partial idea, it is best to start from the beginning and see what a cage is constricting for the penis.

What is the chastity device for men?

A phallic blockage cage is a tool for BDSM practices that prevent erection, masturbation and any sexual method that involves using the penis. It is worn when you want to regulate the impulse to reach orgasm and is in effect an object of constraint and, in some cases, self-defence.

Who wears the phallic cage does so for the pleasure of abstinence, to dominate or be dominated by those who manage the device key. In the online and offline sex shops you can find different models of a phallic cage: some more suitable for those who are just starting, others better suited for those who already have experience with the Best male chastity device.

The materials of the phallic devices are steel, titanium and plastic. While the models range from phallic cages with rings to those closed, to those that cover the entire member’s shaft leaving only the glans uncovered.

The right model of a phallic cage for beginners

To choose the right model of chastity device for men, the advice is always to measure the size of the penis when it is flaccid. The right side of the phallic cage, in fact, is very important: if it is too big, you risk slipping it down, if too tight, the danger is to block the blood circulation, with severe consequences for your health.

You may be comfortable with a phallus cage model for beginners, ring and spacers. The advantages are to wear a chastity device for a slightly open man, so very convenient for cleaning the penis and the instrument, if you are going to wear it for more than a day. The presence of adjustable spacers, then, allows you to adapt the measurement of the phallic cage to that of your penis. When you get comfortable with this constrictive sex toy, you can switch to full and more coercive device models.

How to put a constrictive penis cage

Now let’s move on how to wear a phallic cage. First, cut the hairs of the scrotum and pubis so that they become shorter. You will avoid pulling them with your device and hurting yourself. This cleaning should be done the first time when you are not yet very practical. To ease the entry of the penis into the chastity device, apply the lubricant so that you will slide it better, and you will not damage the member’s skin. Each penis constriction cage consists of a ring for testicles and a tube (or set of rings) for the shaft. To wear it correctly, follow the instructions in the packaging of the constrictive device because they vary according to the models and according to the locking system chosen by the production company.

For how long you can wear a phallic device

Since you are a beginner, the rule is not to wear the phallic cage for a long time. The first times, keep it on only for an hour or two and listen to your feelings. Keep it at home, to remove it without problems if something is wrong or if you feel uncomfortable.

When you see that for two hours you have not had any problems, try to keep it on for a whole day. And it increases the time in progression. Do not wear it for the night, at least not at the beginning. Not only because it is uncomfortable, but also because while you are sleeping the erections are more frequent, and the early times you may have difficulty in containing them.

How to use a phallic chastity device

And here you are at the most exciting part: how to use a penis cage. The more experienced, entrust the control of their cage, then their erection and their orgasm, a Mistress or a gay Dom. The pleasure, in the case of forced chastity, is not only that of self-control but also that of domination by another person, who decides the times and the ways of forced chastity.

At the beginning, of course, sexologist advises you to keep the keys of the penis cage, to be autonomous if you have to remove it. Or, you can entrust them to a person who is at home with you and who can free you immediately if you feel the need.

Over time, however, you can leave the key to the lock to your owner or your master, but always keeping a spare key for each emergency. Even if nominated, remember that the real game is that of self-discipline. So, the spare key will have to stop you from using it, if it is not necessary.

Phallic cage and what do you think?

In the beginning, we said that the chastity device for men is a sadomasochistic instrument dedicated to a few, to true lovers of compulsion to the most daring and transgressed men to those who have no limits in sex and always want to experience new sensations. One couple’s marriage is transformed by using it as a symbol of their commitment.

Are you among these? What motivates you to try a penis cage and what excitement does it give you the idea to control or get control of your erection and orgasm? Ask all these before start searching for the best chastity device for you and don’t forget to read the safety instructions.