Outdoor sex stool positions

Different furniture to enjoy sex stool positions

Granny stood quietly in her rocking chair, but not the lovers who will try to adopt the homonymous sexual position, a real catapult to the 7th heaven. While the woman is making every effort, the man puts soft kisses on her back to encourage him. A position for brave lovers is flexible and in search of thrills.

As on a rocking chair, the balance point is hard to find in this sexual position. It is at the same time the interest of both lovers, who learn to lose control and surrender to pleasure.

The woman, bent forward, is in a half-sitting posture, legs apart. She holds her partner’s feet so as not to fall. She is back to the man, who holds her in his arms. The lovers can thus keep the balance without really promoting penetration.

For, in the position of the rocking chair, it is up to the seated woman to take the reins. It guides the penetration and its speed. If, nevertheless, it has more amplitude of movements than the man, it cannot however use his own hands. Sir, he takes advantage of the sight of the back of his partner to kiss everywhere.

This is a way to discover parts of the body that we quickly lose the habit of exploring. However, the back can be an erogenous zone if one devotes oneself to it quite well. The man can also make sure to go up a little by changing the position to reach the neck of the woman. He can hold, suspend or hold his partner with both hands, and release from time to time to caress the waist, legs or breasts it will give heart to the book to the woman, who must take care of give pleasure to both partners at once.

If the man appreciates such efforts made by his lover, she will certainly not appreciate if she lacks flexibility or suffers from the back. Thus, you will be warned: the rocking chair is not as relaxing as that. Want a little adventure to make love? So leave the bed and have fun with the chair’s position.

The technique

If you want another playground to make love, indulge yourself by testing the position of the chair. It is rather simple to put in practice accessory side since you need only a chair, as the name suggests! Otherwise, a stool, sofa or other flat surface that allows you to have your feet on the floor will also do the trick.

It is also a position that is ideal if Madame wants to rhythmic coitus. Indeed, once his partner sitting on the chair (or any other furniture selected before), she comes to put on him. Then she has to move by lifting and then falling to adjust the penetration according to his fantasies. If he is a little more passive, the man is however not deprived of possibilities to stimulate his beauty. Thanks to this posture a little quieter, it can especially caress the clitoris of the woman. For her part, she can touch her breasts, a self-stimulation of an erogenous zone conducive to favoring her orgasm.

The advantages of the Chair

Admittedly, this sexual practice is not very romantic since the woman turns her back on the man. The two partners cannot see each other and follow visually the rise of pleasure in the other. But the deprivation of one of the five senses can also be very erotic. You imagine things; you also rest more on the other senses, which are more acute. The touch is thus favored thanks to the exchange of caresses between the two lovers.

Another advantage: it is quite easy to practice the chair in any space of the house. Moreover, you can for example do it in a room where there is a large mirror (bathroom, bedroom), which will allow you to see you give you pleasure.


If you prefer you look in the eyes when you make love, you can try the amazon. This is exactly the same principle as the position of the chair except that the woman rides her lover, sitting on a chair, from the front. It controls movements back and forth but the man can also guide with his hands, while stroking his back, hips or buttocks.

Want to test other positions?

But these positions are far from being the only ones available for making love. Machine of Love, inspired by the mythical Kama sutra, offers 100 postures to test. Very romantic, more acrobatic, in front of or without seeing each other, in the bed or in other rooms of the house, there is really something to push your limits and to (re) discover intimately and sensually. And rest assured: each of the sexual positions is illustrated and accompanied by practical advice to help you become a true master of Love. All you have to do is go to the seventh heaven and make your partner climb the curtain. Because yes, with Kama sutra, orgasm is (very) often at the rendezvous!

The position of the Chair is suitable for:

If you let yourself be tempted by bondage then dare to experience sex out of bed. Great if Madam wants to dominate. Make love this way to touch the stars. An ideal position for pregnant women is a position to test for intense pleasure.

Sex on a chair with comfort: a guide for sex without a bed

A passion shot can take you anywhere, it will not look for a comfortable place, time and bed. When there is no bed nearby or any other comfortable surface, you can use other furniture. The chair, for example, is ideal!

If you are not the world champion in gymnastics, adapt to sex on a chair possible and even necessary. Such a sex gives incredible sensations.

Massage chair

This does not have in every home, but there is certainly in the break room at work or at the recreation center, where you can go with your partner for a weekend. The massage chairs are rather soft, comfortable, big, and most importantly – they are unfolded! And if you are too lazy to move, you can include the massage mode and the chair by itself will do for you. One of the most practical items on the massage chair is when it is a bit spread, the guy is lying down and the girl spans (face or back). Rhythmic movements and massage mode – and you want to buy this home chair.

Office chair

To enjoy sex stool positions this is an ideal armchair for almost any seating position, as well as very convenient for oral sex. Office chair of the skin will not be suitable for having sex in the heat, but if you have air conditioning, welcome. The sensations will be unforgettable. But remember that almost any office chair equipped with wheels, so that the movements to be too active, it can go or twist around the axis. The only way out is to press it against the wall.


You might not even want to deal with the sex of using this chair, but this unforgettable experience. It is very convenient to use this chair for anal sex. The girl is sitting on a chair; the man is tied behind and makes friction.