Improve Outdoor Sex With Kegel Breathing

Kegel exercises for women: how to perform at home

Kegel exercises are the best-known workout technique for improving the tone of the pelvic floor muscles that support the uterus, bladder, rectum, and small intestine. The method was developed and described by the well-known gynaecologist in the twentieth century, after which the pelvic floor muscle group began to be called “Kegel’s muscles.”

The pelvic floor muscles are practically not involved in everyday life, so over time (especially after childbirth) they lose their elasticity. This can lead to the fact that the muscles simply no longer cope with the primary function – the maintenance of the pelvic organs. This can lead to various diseases, as well as to the deterioration of sexual life. But these problems can be avoided by regularly performing a set of Kegel exercises and Kegal breathing. Here are tips to avoid doing kegels wrong.

Who shows the kegel exercises?

Every woman who wants to keep the pelvic organs healthy can do these exercises. In general, this technique was developed for:

  • Pregnant women – to learn the skills of complete relaxation of muscles, which prevent the child from pushing out during childbirth.
  • Women after childbirth – to recover from tissues that have experienced severe stretching;
  • Prevention and treatment of urinary and faecal incontinence;
  • Prevention and treatment of the omission of the pelvic organs (uterus, vagina, etc.);
  • Maintaining sexual health, improving intimate life and preventing inflammatory processes of the genital organs.

Who is contraindicated to do Kegel Exercises?

  • Women who have a miscarriage and premature labour;
  • Women diagnosed with cancer;
  • Women in the postoperative period.

Preparing to do the exercises

Before you begin to perform Kegel exercises, you should empty your bladder. These exercises can be done sitting, lying or standing – in any position. For a noticeable effect, it is enough to perform the activities 3-4 times a day, 5-40 times per approach. It is not recommended to dramatically exceed the recommended amount of exercise, as this can only exacerbate the problem, from which you will get the opposite effect.

Kegel exercise for women

Clenching is the necessary movement of all Kegel exercises. Understanding which muscles you will need to train and continuously reduce is quite simple: you can feel them while you are urinating.

How to do Kegel exercises at home

When performing Kegel exercises, avoid the tension of other muscle groups – buttocks, thighs, or abdominal cavity. With each approach to the activities you need to breathe and in no case do not hold your breath. This will help to relax and achieve the best results (most women feel the result after 4-6 weeks). Below is a complex consisting of five Kegel exercises.

  1. Exercise “Hold”

Reduce the pelvic muscles for 5-10 seconds, and then relax. Repeat ten times four times a day and gradually increase the number of repetitions to 50 four times a day.

  1. Exercise “Reduction”

Rhythmically reduce the pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds, then relax and rest for 5 seconds. Do 3-5 sets of 10 repetitions. Gradually increase the length of time muscle retention up to 10 seconds.

  1. Exercise “Lift”

Imagine that you are travelling in an elevator, continually moving up and down. Begin to strain the muscles of the pelvic floor and increase the force of tension when lifting the elevator higher and higher. When you reach the top level, relax your muscles smoothly, pausing at each level and imagining that the elevator is coming back to the first floor. Then take a trip to the basement, where your pelvic floor muscles are completely relaxed.

  1. Exercise “Waves”

This exercise will involve not only the muscles of the vagina but also the muscles of the anus. To perform it you need to contract the muscles of the vagina, then the anus, and in the same order to relax them. Abbreviations can reach 10-20 seconds.

  1. Exercise “Positioning”

This exercise is beneficial for pregnant women. Before you perform it, be sure to pre-clean the intestines. Relax, hold your breath, and then pause a little, as if emptying. You can try to do this exercise in different positions – lying, sitting, and squatting or on all fours. Also, doctors recommend combining this exercise with breathing exercises.

Do these five exercises every day, and after a while, you will get a fantastic result!

Menopause: the benefits of Kegel exercises

According to doctor and gynaecologist of the twenties, maintaining a certain degree of confidence in the technique of embracing is keeping in training and having certain courage and control of the muscles that are part of the pelvic floor.

Kegel later confirmed this in the 1950s, when he realised that the exercises he had set up for women with incontinence problems also led to a “side effect”: the increase in sexual pleasure. In the 80s S. Plevnik came to design some tools that could facilitate the execution of Kegel exercises: the vaginal cones. The activities, aimed at toning the pelvic floor, in fact, only work if we can activate and contract the right muscles.

Menopause and Kegel exercises: preparation

The advantage of Kegel exercises is that they can be done by lying down, sitting or walking. To prepare for these exercises:

  1. Locate the pelvic muscles

Identifying the pelvic muscles is easy. The most common way to do this is to try to stop the flow of urine. The muscles that you contract to do this are those of the pelvic floor. However, remember that this method is used only to identify the muscles: the exercises of Kegel, in fact, must be performed following an entirely different procedure.

  1. Make sure you have the bladder empty before starting

Performing Kegel exercises with a full bladder may weaken the pelvic floor muscle or get a urinary tract infection.

  1. Put yourself in a comfortable position

You can do these exercises in the situation that you feel most congenial: lying down with your stomach up, sitting or standing. The important thing is to concentrate on contracting only the muscles of the pelvic floor: the muscles of the back, the abdominals and the buttocks must always remain relaxed. While performing Kegel exercises the back muscles, abdominals and buttocks should always remain relaxed.

Menopause and Kegel exercises: how to do the activities

And now let’s try to perform the operations:

  • Contract the pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds
  • In the position that is most friendly to you, contract and exhale the pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds.
  • It is important not to strain the muscle too much, so if you feel that 5 seconds are too many, limited to 2 or 3. Train by degrees, trying to aim for 10 seconds.
  • Relax the pelvic floor for 10 seconds

After contracting the muscles, it is essential to give them time to lie down and relax. The time needed to stretch these muscles is usually twice that of contraction. Therefore, at a decrease of 5 seconds, it must correspond to distension of at least 10 seconds. This is to avoid an excessive workload. In this phase, remember to breathe in. Repeat the exercise 10 times three times a day.

In most cases, it takes at least a couple of months to get the first results, so do not be discouraged and try to be constant. You can do these exercises really where and when you want!

Using Prostate Massagers Outdoors

How to achieve prostate orgasm: techniques and methods

Active sex life and regular achievement of orgasm promote longevity and good health. Moreover, orgasm from prostate massage, for many men, still a taboo is not only a cure for many diseases but also a source of unusually strong sensory sensations.

Techniques and methods for achieving

“Here’s a fagot,” – thinks the real man thinks about a well-groomed and stylishly dressed man who buys a rubber dick for himself in a sex shop. The real man does not know how brighter the sex life of this man, who knows firsthand about the sensations of prostate orgasm.

If your sexual education leaves much to be desired, and your behaviour in bed still depends on common stereotypes, then this article is for you. Over the next twenty minutes you will discover a new door to the world of carnal pleasures, and in detail, you will learn about prostate orgasm, its health benefits, and how to achieve it. Moreover, believe the sex experts, for this it is not necessary to wear a “rainbow” scarf and go to gay parades. You will have complete knowledge about How to orgasm with a prostate massager. There are also steps in achieving an amazing prostate-assisted orgasm to know more.

Prostate and its functions

If the typical male orgasm is achieved by the operation of organs such as the penis, prostate gland, seminal vesicles and primary tubercles, then prostate orgasm arises from stimulating only the prostate gland.

The prostate gland, which is located below the bladder, at a depth of 4-5 cm from the anus, and abuts directly to the rectum, is an integral part of the male reproductive system. Small in size, this gland consists of many (30-50) small organs.

They participate in the formation of seminal fluid or juice of the prostate, in the production of testosterone, contribute to the excretion of spermatozoa, and also during orgasm overlap the exit from the bladder. Prostate juice provides mobility of spermatozoa, that is, it affects the ability to fertilise and the ability to have healthy children.

Orgasm of the prostate: how to achieve?

The prostate gland is very sensitive and susceptible to stimulation. Have you heard about the “male point G”? That’s how it is called. Moreover, it’s no accident because skilful stimulation of the prostate can deliver an unforgettable pleasure to a man. Also, if the usual message of the prostate gland is merely pleasant, then erotic massage is capable of leading a man to orgasm.

Orgasm of the prostate extends not only to the penis, but also to the perineum, and the anus. Doctors say that up to 11% of men end only from prostate masturbation! Perhaps you or your partner is included in this category of lucky ones. If you are willing to test this and experience a new sexual experience, then below are several ways to stimulate the prostate gland, which will be helpful to you.

Finger partner

The most common way to stimulate the prostate gland is anal prostate massage. Both therapeutic and erotic massage requires simple skills and caution from the partner since too much pressure on the liver can lead to pain and discomfort.

Massage requires preliminary preparation: the partner should wash his hands with soap, if necessary, put on gloves (medical, which do not injure the mucous membrane), lubricate and anus, and finger with a fat cream or lubricant.

Then the partner’s finger is inserted into the anus. Movements should be slow and cautious so that the muscles of the anus are used and relaxed. When this happens, the second finger is entered. To find the prostate, you need to press fingers toward the scrotum gently.

The success of the search will be evidenced by the pressure that appears in the head of the penis, and the proximity of orgasm – the increase and hardening of the gland itself. Stimulate should be careful, carefully listening to the feelings of men.

External stimulation

External stimulation implies a so-called “love massage”, which is performed by a partner in the perineum. It should be gently massaged in circular motions and pressing on the skin, moving a finger from the scrotum to the anus – to the location of the prostate.

The closeness of orgasm is determined by the pulsation, which is felt under the fingers. This massage leads to a bright orgasm with a generous outpouring of sperm. If you stimulate the prostate immediately after orgasm, you can significantly reduce the recovery time, and the erection will return almost immediately.

Thus, after repeating the message two or three times, you can give a man a multi-organ. However, note that the effect to a large extent depends on the original constitution, the sexual temperament of a man.


Prepare a bathroom with warm water. Lie on your back, and put your feet on the side walls. Lubricated with a fat cream or lubricant, enter the index finger into the anus. The edge of the prostate is approximately at a depth of 5 cm. Feel it and gently press on it in turn from each side to the centre.

The pressure of the finger is determined by the sensations and the state of the prostate gland. While it is soft, movements should be gentle and cautious, and as hardening (stimulation) it is possible to strengthen pressure. At the end of the action, draw a finger along the central groove, pushing the contents of the prostate in the direction of the exit.

With the help of massagers

Today, in every sex shop you can find prostate massager of the prostate. These devices are often made in the form of a penis, are made of elastic materials – silicone, polyvinyl chloride and thermoplastic rubber, and are most often equipped with a vibration function. With a massager, it will be easier for you to stimulate and achieve an unprecedented bright orgasm of the prostate without hands.

Do not forget to disinfect the massager (treat with antiseptic or boil), lubricate the anal opening and massage the lubricant. Massage of the prostate with the use of special massagers is better to perform after the muscles of the anus have become accustomed to the thickness of two fingers. The man’s position – lying on his side, with his legs pressed to his stomach. The stimulant is injected into the rectum up to a distance of 7 cm, after which it is possible to activate vibration.

You can also do massage, squatting. The main thing is to relax as much as possible. In addition to the prostate gland, vibratory massagers stimulate the walls of the anus, which will allow you to get even more pleasant sensations. Remember, after the message is over, you need to urinate to get rid of the seminal fluid.

Dildos and Outdoor Sex

Choosing a dildo: the best models and brands, average price, differences

Maximum adults need the help of adult toys to enjoy their sex life with complete pleasure. You can hide it from others but not from your partner. If you have no experience in the field of piquant devices and you can say, a beginner, it’s best to begin your acquaintance with the world of erotic devices with a dildo. This is a universal thing that will help embellish sex with a partner or deliver pleasure without it.

To discover new facets of pleasure, it is important not to make a mistake in choosing your new “friend”, and this, in turn, depends only on your needs and sexual preferences. Sex with a dildo will take a lot of pleasure when you consider a few important points before buying it. After all, the current diversity and versatility of the range in the sex shops causes the eyes to run. Come about these biggest facts about dildos to put in bed.

Materials for sex toys, the bestselling phalli

As a rule, with the use of dildos in women do not have as many problems as with their choice. Indeed, it is difficult not to get lost, because the appearance of intimate “helpers” is impressive. There are also options for partners with an incredible sexual fantasy, which are made in a futuristic style – after seeing such gadgets, not everyone can guess their real purpose.

Materials for sex toys, the bestselling phalli

The most popular models of dildos are made of the following elements:

Cyber skin – make it realistic dildos for women. The coating of such sex toys as close to human skin as possible not only visually but also to the touch. This version of the product is suitable for lovers of “classics” and thrills. There are only two drawbacks to such dildos – a relatively high price and complex care.

Silicone is the most common material used in the adult toy industry. Sufficient flexibility, the ability to quickly take body temperature and affordable cost allow silicone dildos to take their place of honour in the market of erotic devices. Unlike cyber skin dildo, this one is easy to wash, it is more durable.

Latex: This material does not fit every girl, the reason – the specific stickiness of the product. But thanks to its elasticity and moderate hardness, it is latex dildos for women that are on a par with silicone ones.

An elastomer is a budget option for beginners. Those who already have particular experience in using piquant toys, such products do not attract, in the first place, the pronounced “rubber” aroma. However, it is the dildos of elastomer on the suction cup that are ideal for girls who are in search of the perfect size and shape.

Glass dildo will help to realise the most daring and incredible fantasies. This material has a lot of advantages – it is durable, durable, has a non-porous texture, which provides easy care and antibacterial protection.

The surface of the phallus can be very diverse – this is an indisputable plus. Every sex shop today offers products with a smooth and ribbed texture, sinewy and bumpy dildos.

Vaginal and anal dildos, women reviews about models

Surely many people know that the current sex toys are conventionally divided by purpose. There are vaginal dildos and gadgets for anal penetration. An equally exciting option is double dildos that can be used with a partner. Such models are curved, as they were developed specifically for the simultaneous stimulation of the male prostate and the female point G. If you want to order a double-faced dildo, it is important not to be mistaken with the diameter of the product. This is especially true of the second halves, which for the first time are experimenting with anal penetration. Otherwise, if you are sure that the dildo will be used only by you, without a partner, stop your choice on the product on the suction cup with additional elements to stimulate the clitoris.

So, it’s time to move from theory to practice. Now let’s talk about the best-selling dildos, who donated more than one orgasm to their owners:

Double dildo “A-polymer”: Dildo length is 42 cm. Due to the excellent flexibility of the product; it can be used for anal-vaginal penetration. The cost of the product in most online stores for adults ranges from 3,500 dollars.

The realistic Real Dong dildo of the Nature Skin line is a high-quality traced sex toy with excellent density. The product is equipped with a suction cup, so it is well fixed. The length is 20 cm; the price is about 3000 dollars.

Vaginal dildo with ejaculation Squirting Cock Flesh – Pipedream: For many girls, this option is ideal, as it allows you to maximise your feelings to the natural. The gadget is made of silicone; the length is almost 18 cm. The product is about 5 cm in diameter. It can be used as an anal dildo, but only with a water-based lubricant.

Gigantic Big Boy dildo, 30 cm is a replica of the penis of the pronator from the colt series. The sex toy is more expensive than other options and not every lady is suitable, because its working length is more than 23 cm, and this “king size” is over 5 cm in diameter.

Realistic sex toys that most often buy

Most dildos are popular with both women and the stronger sex. Especially if they can be used as a nozzle for a strap-on, like, for example, this option is The Best Lover dildo (20.5 cm). The toy is qualitatively traced, has a clear decorated head, a thick trunk.

This realistic dildo is made from cyber skin and, despite its relatively short working length (13 cm), can lift any woman to the top of bliss. What’s the secret? This powerful 6-centimetre “friend” bends well and looks no different from the official sexual organ of a man. The dildo is equipped with a suction cup; you can only operate with water lubrication.

With such an intimate gadget, bed games will be twice as exciting and will bring in as many times more pleasure. This great dildo will allow you to experience a new kind of happiness. At first glance, it may seem that because of the impressive size of the toy, only those who have seen it in the erotic field can use the toy. Its dimensions are close to natural: the vaginal dildo has a length of 17.5 cm, and the anal – 15. Both dildos not only look but also feel quite realistic. But that’s not all! The highlight of this sexy device is black.

Using Hang Swing For Outdoor Sex

Sex Swings: How Exciting can it be for your Erotic Sex life

Sex – swing is a device that allows you to try dozens of unusual postures during proximity. And this is a device that helps couples with different height, with back injuries and overweight to realise any sexual fantasies without unnecessary burden.

What are sex swings for?

What is sex swing? This is a thing for experimentation. Most often they are bought to experience sex in flight or to find new positions for sexual experiments. It can be placed on a swing both the man and the woman. With their help, you can engage in any sex.

In the process of using “hanging” partner almost does not make movements. He can completely relax and enjoy what is happening. The active person directs the actions of the swing, leading the speed. At the same time, he spends the minimum amount of energy.

Swings make it possible to try up to 50 new poses. You can sit in the sitting, lying down, on the stomach and even on the side. Access to different erogenous zones allows you to try different affection. And on the swing, you can also bind a person to give a feeling of helplessness. Also, there are ways of hanging sex swings as tips.

Use sex – swing is often recommended by doctors. If a person has injuries, they help to reduce the load during sex. But it does not reduce the sensitivity, and often make lovemaking more exciting and bright.

Who should buy a sex swing?

Buy a device for sex experiments can each pair. And the swing will be useful at any age. This is a real way to make lovemaking unusual and bright. But some couples need such a device more than others.

Different growth: If the partners have a difference in the height of more than 40 cm, they may not realise all the postures. A sex swing helps lift a person, fix it at a comfortable height. This makes standing poses available. And you no longer have to squat, bend down your knees or adapt differently.

Excess weight: With a huge influence, sex swings can also help. They remove the load, allow you to experiment without fear. Swings can withstand up to 150 kg of weight, and a full person, thanks to them, easily sways in the air. Fat people can no longer be limited to some positions, and they can experiment. And with a sex swing, you can lose weight. Some models help to strengthen the muscles, and sex with them becomes training for different muscle groups. But before experimenting doesn’t forget to read the instructions on how to hang sex swings.

Injuries to bones and joints, diseases of the spine: With such difficulties, heavy loads are prohibited. And it is sex – swing helps to avoid them. As a result, intimacy does not disappear, but changes. But the sensations are only getting brighter.

What is a sex swing? This is a way not to give up pleasant sensations in any circumstances. This is sex help and the opportunity to discover something new.

Types of sex swing

All sex swings can be divided by the method of attachment. There are three broad groups:

With a rack: Included are not only swings but also a metal base, on which the device is hung. Such models take up a lot of space. The base is 220-240 cm high, at least 160 cm wide. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. And this design reliably fixes the swing, does not allow moving. This is a folding model. When folded, they look like a small bag that is easy to store even under the bed.

Sex swing at the door: The most compact option. The seat is always soft. They are put on any door and fixed by closing this entrance. It is worth using only on solid doors since interior ones are not still capable of supporting the weight of a person. During operation, the door acts as a support for the back. On the swing for sex, mounted on the door, you cannot spin. The number of poses is limited. But this is the most budget model. They are easy to take with you, even when travelling, as they take up very little space.

Suspended sex swing: This is a swing for sex experiments that are suspended from the ceiling. They are fixed on one or two hooks at the base of a dense spring. It is on such suspensions you can feel the state of weightlessness. If the spring is one, then the swing can turn around its axis. For fixing you need a severe hook in the ceiling.

These models also differ in price. The most expensive model is with the counter. But it does not require any additional costs for installation.

Types of grounds sex swing

What is a sex swing? This is the base or seat and straps for fixing the arms and legs. Sometimes there may be another device to maintain the back. There are two large groups of swings with different stiffness.

Sex swing with a platform: This is a robust model. At the base – a rectangle of wood, metal, sheathed with a soft cloth. Attached to it are slings and belts. It is to such a swing; you can connect a rigid back. Often, such a device is left in a prominent place, and it looks like an ordinary children’s swing. And only for sex to him additionally, attach the attachment to the limbs. Convenience depends on the size of the base. If it is small, then it is convenient to lie on his stomach. If the base is large, then you can stay on the back, side.

Sex – swing in the form of a hammock. A model that is more common at the base of a wide belt or soft fabric, in the way of a large bag. The person lies inside and takes a comfortable posture. The hammock is considered the most convenient variation but the more significant the footprint, the better. Soft sex swings are made from dense materials.

For decorating the interior is to choose a swing with a platform. No one will ever guess what they are for sex. Soft rhythms, however, will have to be cleaned each time so that they are not visible to strangers. Yes, and a hook in the ceiling, if it is, will have to decorate somehow.

Sex Toys and Outdoor Sex

Five sex toys every woman should have

Sex toys can be fun not only when you do not have a pair, and you feel lonely. Sex toys can revive sexual relations, enrich with new experiences and sensations and, very importantly, to help solve problems in your sex life, if you are underpaid. Because it is always easier to tell the partner what he needs to do to give you pleasure if you already know this way.

  1. Clitoral vibrator

Most women reach orgasm when stimulating the clitoris, so the clitoral vibrator is the most direct path to climax. Mandatory in the collection of every woman should be the vibrator. Chip vibrator in miniature, powerful vibration and versatility of application.

You can use it to stimulate the clitoris, as well as other sensitive areas of your body, during masturbation or sex with a partner. Men also love vibrations on the scrotum or the outside of the prostate. Due to its small size, you can use the vibrator during a working break or for a quick discharge after a hard day but not in public. There is nothing better than a great relaxing bath with a waterproof vibrator.

  1. The best dildo

It is perfect for every girl for her orgasm. Its size and shape will depend on your preferences, but it must be large enough in length and girth to reach your point G. To get maximum confidence and pleasure, sex experts recommend a dildo from cyber skin on a sucker. With the help of a sucker, you can fasten the dildo on any smooth surface and use it without the help of hands. This is an exciting experience, the most pleasant and realistic.

  1. Vibrator Rabbit

While the vibrator leads to a clitoral orgasm, and the dildo is vaginal, the vibrator rabbit simultaneously stimulates both of these zones and can lead you to a combined orgasm. This is a multifunctional vibrator having two stimulating petals. A larger one is inserted into the vagina and acts on the walls of the vagina and point G, while the smaller one is located on the clitoris. Both parts vibrate, leading you to bliss and pleasure.

  1. Anal stimulator

The great thing about anal stimulants is that they increase the sensation during sex or masturbation and bring the orgasm to an entirely different level of intensity. If you have not yet mastered anal stimulation, choose anal beads or a small tube. The insertion of such devices will be comfortable and pleasant; will not cause pain or discomfort. But you will discover entirely new sensations and ways of pleasure.

Anal stimulants can be used during masturbation or sex with a partner. The stimulator in your anus and the partner in the vagina is a strong feeling. And it looks like a double penetration that many women fantasise about, but without problems and a strange guy in your bed.


  1. Vaginal balls

This is the best combination of benefit and pleasure. As a simulator, vaginal balls strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, help keep the vagina in tone and increase sensitivity. Exercising with their help, you can awaken point G and achieve vaginal orgasms. Healthy and active vaginal muscles will be appreciated by any man when you experience your achievements with him. But vaginal balls bring not only benefit, but it is also an excellent stimulant. Shots with a shifted centre of gravity or vibration will fill your workouts with pleasant sensations. No other muscles swing with such pleasure!

These are the best sex toys for your g spot, but you need to know how to choose them and how you can use them safely.

How to choose the first sex toy for a couple

Buying the first sex toy is a real adventure. You need to understand the enormous range, but also understand what will be appropriate in bed and what is not. In order not to be mistaken, you should ask yourself the question – what sensations do you want? The answer to it will significantly reduce the range of suitable intimate goods. Sex toy will be a great impact in your relationship.

What other criteria to pay attention to?

The list is not that big:

  • Water resistant: Immediately it is necessary to find out whether you can take the device with you to the bathroom. Sex toys, which are not afraid of water, are easy to wash, convenient to use even in the shower.
  • Charging method: Rechargeable sex toys connect to a power outlet or USB port. The battery inside has been working for many years. But for models with batteries, you will have to buy batteries regularly, but such devices are cheaper.
  • The number of modes of operation: When buying vibrating intimate things you need to clarify – how many modes and speeds there are, the more there are, the more exciting the process of mastering and applying.
  • Guarantee: Well-known companies offer a good warranty on their products. In the event of a breakdown, the device is replaced with a new one.

You can buy sex toys in the online store; there is always a vast range. Or offline, in which case you will have to choose from a limited number of products, but you will be able to hold in the hands of sex toys, evaluate them in real form. Of course, to touch something interesting, but high-quality video reviews may well replace this experience.

Safety rules for using sex toys

To make the process of interaction with private goods pleasant, it is essential to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Clean the sex toys very carefully after each use. Wash immediately after use so that bacteria do not multiply on the surface. Particular cleansing compositions (cleaners) or mild soap will help with this.
  2. Read the instructions. Carefully read the information before turning on sex toys. She will tell you how to manage an intimate gadget, how to clean it, and also about what you cannot do with it.
  3. Use sex toys with lubricants. Intimate lubrication will make gliding smooth and pleasant. The unique composition does not affect the delicate skin of a person and does not spoil the surface of the product for adults. It is prohibited to use children’s cream, petroleum jelly or other formulations for lubrication.
  4. A sex toy is an individual item. It is not recommended to transfer it to a third party. Of course, in a pair, it may concern both, but it should not go beyond the union. So complete sterilisation is almost impossible, you should not experiment with different people.
  5. Using an anal sex toy for vaginal sex is impossible. If she was in the anus, you must first wash it, and then only immersed in the vagina. But such difficulties can be avoided if you use a condom. It is removed after anal and put on a new one for another hole.

Sex toys help to make a person’s life more interesting. They relieve sexual tension, help to get positive emotions. And they can be used both alone and in pairs. Try it yourself to buy something for intimacy to discover new facets of pleasure.

Prevent Outdoor Sex With Male Chastity Devices

Chastity devise for men: When and how to use it the first times

The phallic cage is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for news on the chastity device for men, you’re probably part of the nurturing band of compulsive fans. You have not tried it yet, but the penis blockage cage intrigues you. And you indeed ask yourself how to use it, what is the right model to start taking it and what to do so that you do not create damage.

Here you will find some useful news, so you will know what to expect from a male chastity device and what it requires to discipline your sexual impulses once worn. If you have only a confused and partial idea, it is best to start from the beginning and see what a cage is constricting for the penis.

What is the chastity device for men?

A phallic blockage cage is a tool for BDSM practices that prevent erection, masturbation and any sexual method that involves using the penis. It is worn when you want to regulate the impulse to reach orgasm and is in effect an object of constraint and, in some cases, self-defence.

Who wears the phallic cage does so for the pleasure of abstinence, to dominate or be dominated by those who manage the device key. In the online and offline sex shops you can find different models of a phallic cage: some more suitable for those who are just starting, others better suited for those who already have experience with the Best male chastity device.

The materials of the phallic devices are steel, titanium and plastic. While the models range from phallic cages with rings to those closed, to those that cover the entire member’s shaft leaving only the glans uncovered.

The right model of a phallic cage for beginners

To choose the right model of chastity device for men, the advice is always to measure the size of the penis when it is flaccid. The right side of the phallic cage, in fact, is very important: if it is too big, you risk slipping it down, if too tight, the danger is to block the blood circulation, with severe consequences for your health.

You may be comfortable with a phallus cage model for beginners, ring and spacers. The advantages are to wear a chastity device for a slightly open man, so very convenient for cleaning the penis and the instrument, if you are going to wear it for more than a day. The presence of adjustable spacers, then, allows you to adapt the measurement of the phallic cage to that of your penis. When you get comfortable with this constrictive sex toy, you can switch to full and more coercive device models.

How to put a constrictive penis cage

Now let’s move on how to wear a phallic cage. First, cut the hairs of the scrotum and pubis so that they become shorter. You will avoid pulling them with your device and hurting yourself. This cleaning should be done the first time when you are not yet very practical. To ease the entry of the penis into the chastity device, apply the lubricant so that you will slide it better, and you will not damage the member’s skin. Each penis constriction cage consists of a ring for testicles and a tube (or set of rings) for the shaft. To wear it correctly, follow the instructions in the packaging of the constrictive device because they vary according to the models and according to the locking system chosen by the production company.

For how long you can wear a phallic device

Since you are a beginner, the rule is not to wear the phallic cage for a long time. The first times, keep it on only for an hour or two and listen to your feelings. Keep it at home, to remove it without problems if something is wrong or if you feel uncomfortable.

When you see that for two hours you have not had any problems, try to keep it on for a whole day. And it increases the time in progression. Do not wear it for the night, at least not at the beginning. Not only because it is uncomfortable, but also because while you are sleeping the erections are more frequent, and the early times you may have difficulty in containing them.

How to use a phallic chastity device

And here you are at the most exciting part: how to use a penis cage. The more experienced, entrust the control of their cage, then their erection and their orgasm, a Mistress or a gay Dom. The pleasure, in the case of forced chastity, is not only that of self-control but also that of domination by another person, who decides the times and the ways of forced chastity.

At the beginning, of course, sexologist advises you to keep the keys of the penis cage, to be autonomous if you have to remove it. Or, you can entrust them to a person who is at home with you and who can free you immediately if you feel the need.

Over time, however, you can leave the key to the lock to your owner or your master, but always keeping a spare key for each emergency. Even if nominated, remember that the real game is that of self-discipline. So, the spare key will have to stop you from using it, if it is not necessary.

Phallic cage and what do you think?

In the beginning, we said that the chastity device for men is a sadomasochistic instrument dedicated to a few, to true lovers of compulsion to the most daring and transgressed men to those who have no limits in sex and always want to experience new sensations. One couple’s marriage is transformed by using it as a symbol of their commitment.

Are you among these? What motivates you to try a penis cage and what excitement does it give you the idea to control or get control of your erection and orgasm? Ask all these before start searching for the best chastity device for you and don’t forget to read the safety instructions.