Intimate Sexual Positions REVEALED

Are you looking for some sex positions to get some better pleasure? Well, there are many ways in which sex positions can actually help you to get a better life, and we are here to tell you all about it. These positions are really easy, and if you are planning to make out with your girlfriend, then you should check these out for better sex for your first time.

There are many sex positions that can be helpful for your sex life, and if you are looking for some better ways, then you can check out the Extreme outdoor sex enthusiast site that can give you some better ideas to have sex. It is better to have outdoor sex, but still, you need some courage a space to help you with the sex. Anyways let us get to the best positions that you can use to get better sex experience.


This position needs your partner and you to be in a spoon shape. This requires you and your partner in the bed sleeping behind one. This position can be bliss, and you can feel more friction while fucking with your partner.

This is actually a cuddle position, but you can get so many things done with it and with such a tight position you can feel tight pussy on your penis that can be a pleasure for you and your partner.

Missionary with a Pillow

Yes, Missionary can be a little hard, and when you do it with a pillow, then you get perfect angle to make love with your partner. There are many things that can help you in missionary and it is said to be the most pleasures position ever in the history of sex positions.

The position is in such a way that you have to be on your girlfriend and insert the penis in between the legs with a pillow down the ass.

Doggy Style

Now,  this is the most popular position that you can check out on Extreme outdoor sex enthusiast site. This needs you and your partner to be as dogs make love and you all might be familiar with the doggy style.