Using sex dolls for outdoor sex

How to choose a sex doll

The insane rhythm of life dictates its own strict rules, in which often the fad about a person’s personal life is minimized to impossibility or is simply absent. The growing dissatisfaction with the quality of life leads to poor health and perception of the world, as a result of which a person is lost in constant depressions. Are you tired of everyday sex with a partner, are you not satisfied with any elements of sexual intercourse, or would you just like to qualitatively embellish your sex life? In fact, the buyer has a lot of reasons for finding an artificial sex partner substitute; we just touched the most basic ones! One of the most popular imitators of sexual partners is such erotic goods like sex dolls. Modern dolls are made at such a level that it will be very difficult for you to distinguish them from a real partner or partner. And we are talking not only about the external similarity, but, of course, about the realism of sensations derived from the sexual act itself.

What are sex dolls and what are they like?

Sex doll is a simulator of the human body in full growth with the presence of oral, vaginal and anus. There are simple dolls – rubber and inflatable body pillow sex dolls. Outwardly, they very remotely resemble a female or male body, but skillfully made the necessary bulges and crotch can bring unforgettable pleasure. More sophisticated dolls are made of latex and cyber skin, they look very natural and realistic, and the sensations of sexual intercourse are very close to the sensations of real sex with a partner / partner or even surpass them. Some models of sex dolls are equipped with vibrators, which, as a rule, are controlled by external DPU.

A special place among sex dolls is occupied by dolls, whose forms are made according to the casts of the bodies of movie stars for adults. It is, so to speak, aerobatics among sex dolls. The owner’s fantastic pleasure is provided by the very fine and painstaking work of the masters of the leading sex-goods factories, the excellent quality and durability of products. How many times have you dreamed of having a porn diva watching adult films? Now it is possible with an exact copy of the star’s body!

What subcategories of sex dolls are represented in our store?

There are several different subcategories of sex dolls and we want to provide you with brief information about them and thus help determine the choice of toys.

Women’s dolls with a vibrator are common sex toys that are made in the form of a man’s body (women or men, of your choice) in full growth. These toys are made of latex or vinyl, the crotch and holes are made of cyber leather or latex. Sex dolls are equipped with vibrators in the oral, vaginal or anal areas. Vibrators, vibropuli and vibro eggs work on batteries – pay attention to this when buying, so that your joy from buying a toy is not overshadowed by the shoots in the shops looking for the right batteries. Also, some models are equipped with vacuum stimulators that are driven by an external pear mechanically, i.e. manually. You independently regulate the pressure on your organ inside the cavity of the doll.

A sex doll with a vibrator combines all the realistic charms that girls can contain, and without effort will be able to give pleasure to the most sophisticated lover. The doll-woman is made in full growth, has a pleasant to the touch skin, which is almost impossible to distinguish from this, hair and even look. Built-in multi vibration in combination with standard openings will give you many unforgettable sensations! Dolls can stimulate the penis both orally and with the help of a vaginal or anus.

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Female dolls without a vibrator – made specifically for men who would like to engage in self-gratification with something believable. The simplest dolls, inflatable, are made of vinyl and have a remote resemblance to a person in general face and body. More complex models are made of latex, have more similar facial features of a person (like mannequins). The body itself also looks realistic. Dolls are made in full growth and detailed to the feet and hands. We also want to note that in many models the fingers and toes, elbows and knees, navel, etc. are not traced, but if you want a complete imitation of a person, you should take a closer look at super-realistic dolls.

Puppets without a vibrator also have three openings – oral, anal and vaginal, however in some models the following pairs are found: anal-vaginal, oral-vaginal. Pay attention to this, carefully read the product description and ask questions to managers. Also, these dolls are quite flexible and you can easily place them in any position. Do not forget that the color of hair, eyes, skin, you can also choose what you want from the range.

Woman’s realistic dolls

Super realistic dolls are like a game in which you can try to find a few differences from a real person, and believe me, this is not so easy. Creating realistic sex dolls has become incredibly popular, because they are able to imitate a real man or woman as much as possible. The highlight of this subcategory of goods is the dolls, which are made on the casts of the bodies of porn stars with accurate drawing of each bend of the star’s body to almost the smallest details in the form of moles! This is really the highest aerobatics among the entire range of sex dolls! These dolls have a skeleton made of PVC, a metal that is equipped with bending joints. Thus, you can bend the doll in any poses that you just want.

Of course, super realistic sex dolls are heavier than ordinary inflatable ones, but lighter than real human bodies. There are also options with vibration and pump, which in themselves only reinforce the sensations. Moreover, some dolls can make sounds and have a certain vocabulary. Super realistic sex doll is just the perfect lover. But be careful, these dolls look so realistic and natural that some of their owners really fall in love with them and no longer think of life without their dolls.

Summing up this brief overview, sex dolls are just perfect lovers and lovers! Judge for yourself: they do not have a headache, there are no regular stresses and depressions and in the end they do not require a fresh bouquet, dinner in a restaurant and an expensive fur coat or foreplay! They are ready to surrender to their owner at any time when only he wants it! In other words, everything is in your hands, make your choice and get maximum pleasure!