Urethral Sounding For Outdoor Sex

Sexual intercourse through the urethra

A man can masturbate in different ways, and one of the rare types of self-satisfaction is urethral masturbation. This is the process when any objects are inserted into the urethra. Not everyone likes this kind of stimulation, and many people don’t get the pleasure to receive from it on the first try.

Features of sounding and sex toys for such masturbation

Sounding is stimulation of the inner surface of the urethra. This is a very tender area, touches to which give incomparable emotions. But it is important to properly prepare this procedure, and the use of certain items.

In the sex shops today you can find special devices for such effects. They are called differently: urethral catheters, urethral massagers or urethral dilators. They are made of glass, silicone or metal. The surface of each sex toy is absolutely smooth, and the diameter does not exceed 1 cm. The options for beginners are very narrow; gradually you can choose wider models.

The urinary tract has a width of 4 to 7 mm, but is able to stretch. At the first immersion inside pleasant emotions do not always occur. And afterwards, there is always a tingling and burning sensation during urination. In further experiments, the side effects become less pronounced, and the pleasure more and more.

Stimulation of the urethra easily leads to injury, and infection can get into any wound. Therefore, the procedure is carried out after careful treatment with antiseptic tools, hands and genitals. It is a fetish of pushing a rod down your penis for sexual pleasure.

Safety rules for urethral masturbation

It is forbidden to enter objects not intended for this purpose into the urethra. You cannot use knitting needles, paste from the pen and other things. Firstly, it is impossible to disinfect them well, and secondly, they can injure tissues.

Starting experiments is better with silicone sex toys. They are soft, flexible, and less traumatic. Metal or glass is suitable for those who already know the features of the procedure and have passed it many times.

Massager for the urethra should be treated with Chlorhexidine, Miramistin or other disinfectant solution. They wash their hands and dick. It is very important to prevent any bacteria from entering the genital organ. That is why it is better not to use hollow urethral catheters for beginners. They allow you to experience ejaculation without removing the device, but it is much more difficult to wash them.

Masturbation lubricant must be sterile. This is a special type of lubricant that will prevent infection. Choose a water based option. Apply grease in several runs. First, a little substance is squeezed onto a sex toy, it is driven 1 cm into a member, removed and the lubricant is again applied and the procedure is repeated. It is important that the lubricant gets inside in the right amount.

Movement inside made smoothly to avoid scratches. Shaking and jerking is prohibited. And no need to hurry. You have to get used to this procedure, but then it gives bliss.

Ways to stimulate the urethra

You can affect the urethra in different ways. All of them can be traumatic, but it rarely stops anyone. You can choose from:

Translational movements: Dive inside objects. They can slowly or quickly enter, move them in different directions. The speed is regulated independently.

Vibration: Urethral stimulants can be equipped with a vibration function after the introduction just turns on the desired speed. This reduces the impact on the mucous, but at the same time gives a pleasant experience. Vibration can be external, then inside the stimulator, and outside a massager or a vibrator, they can be driven along the trunk of the penis and around the head.

Electro-stimulation: Today, exposure to the urethra is possible even with the help of current. Special urethral massagers are designed for unusual caresses. Small discharges of electricity give a gamut of sensations: from tickling to tingling and it’s definitely worth a try.

Sex toys for urethral masturbation

There are special items for sounders. They are presented in our catalog. These are narrow stimulants that safely act on the urethra without damaging the skin inside the penis.

Stimulator of the urethra Sport Fucker Ultra Sound

It’s a flexible and gentle silicone urethral stimulator. It can be used from two sides. He has a ball on the end. Its introduction may even be painful, but some people like it. The diameter of the ball is 1.5 cm. The other side is narrower – 0.8 cm in diameter, its introduction is more suitable for beginners. The stimulator is not smooth, its surface changes thickness, but there are no sharp corners and any protrusions that can injure the skin. The length of the stimulator is 18.5 cm. It is easy to clean and does not require special storage conditions. Quickly takes body temperature.

Vibrator for the Urethra Dilator Vibe

The vibrator for the urethra is made of silicone. This is a gentle material that is pleasant to the touch. The diameter of the submerged part is of 0.6 cm. This value does not injure the body; it is easy to enter into the man’s penis. After the dive you do not need to make any movements, it is enough to turn on the vibration to get pleasure. A total of 7 modes of operation are provided at different speeds. It can only be used with a water-based lubricant and powered by batteries.

The metal stimulator is a stylish sex toy made from aluminum. The device is manually polished, so there are no sharp protrusions on the surface. It is used to stimulate the urethra in different ways. But the most interesting is current. To work, you need a stim-device or base to which you will connect. Electric discharges make the sensations indescribable, and it will be possible to experiment with different force of influence.

Lubricants for urethral masturbation

To stimulate the urethra it is ideal to use sterile lubricants. But they are rarely on sale. You can replace them with intimate lubricants for sensitive skin. Prerequisite – water base. Silicone-based or oil-based products are not recommended for use inside the body.

Lubricant Swiss Navy All Natural hypoallergenic

Neutral gel was created for mucous membranes that are prone to irritation. It is this composition that is needed for the urethra. It does not contain fragrances, dyes and other components that can cause negative sensations. Available in different volumes, it is more profitable to buy a large bottle. The bottle with the batcher and it guarantees that dust or other particles does not get inside. And it is easy to apply, and one portion is really enough to lubricate the penis before any manipulation.

So the answer of the question is urethral sounding painful can be yes or no or both. Urethral masturbation is not a pleasure for everyone. Refers to this process you need to responsibly, so that everything passes safely. With the right choice of devices and a clear sequence of actions there is a chance to experience orgasms that cannot be obtained with the help of other caresses.