Using Prostate Massagers Outdoors

How to achieve prostate orgasm: techniques and methods

Active sex life and regular achievement of orgasm promote longevity and good health. Moreover, orgasm from prostate massage, for many men, still a taboo is not only a cure for many diseases but also a source of unusually strong sensory sensations.

Techniques and methods for achieving

“Here’s a fagot,” – thinks the real man thinks about a well-groomed and stylishly dressed man who buys a rubber dick for himself in a sex shop. The real man does not know how brighter the sex life of this man, who knows firsthand about the sensations of prostate orgasm.

If your sexual education leaves much to be desired, and your behaviour in bed still depends on common stereotypes, then this article is for you. Over the next twenty minutes you will discover a new door to the world of carnal pleasures, and in detail, you will learn about prostate orgasm, its health benefits, and how to achieve it. Moreover, believe the sex experts, for this it is not necessary to wear a “rainbow” scarf and go to gay parades. You will have complete knowledge about How to orgasm with a prostate massager. There are also steps in achieving an amazing prostate-assisted orgasm to know more.

Prostate and its functions

If the typical male orgasm is achieved by the operation of organs such as the penis, prostate gland, seminal vesicles and primary tubercles, then prostate orgasm arises from stimulating only the prostate gland.

The prostate gland, which is located below the bladder, at a depth of 4-5 cm from the anus, and abuts directly to the rectum, is an integral part of the male reproductive system. Small in size, this gland consists of many (30-50) small organs.

They participate in the formation of seminal fluid or juice of the prostate, in the production of testosterone, contribute to the excretion of spermatozoa, and also during orgasm overlap the exit from the bladder. Prostate juice provides mobility of spermatozoa, that is, it affects the ability to fertilise and the ability to have healthy children.

Orgasm of the prostate: how to achieve?

The prostate gland is very sensitive and susceptible to stimulation. Have you heard about the “male point G”? That’s how it is called. Moreover, it’s no accident because skilful stimulation of the prostate can deliver an unforgettable pleasure to a man. Also, if the usual message of the prostate gland is merely pleasant, then erotic massage is capable of leading a man to orgasm.

Orgasm of the prostate extends not only to the penis, but also to the perineum, and the anus. Doctors say that up to 11% of men end only from prostate masturbation! Perhaps you or your partner is included in this category of lucky ones. If you are willing to test this and experience a new sexual experience, then below are several ways to stimulate the prostate gland, which will be helpful to you.

Finger partner

The most common way to stimulate the prostate gland is anal prostate massage. Both therapeutic and erotic massage requires simple skills and caution from the partner since too much pressure on the liver can lead to pain and discomfort.

Massage requires preliminary preparation: the partner should wash his hands with soap, if necessary, put on gloves (medical, which do not injure the mucous membrane), lubricate and anus, and finger with a fat cream or lubricant.

Then the partner’s finger is inserted into the anus. Movements should be slow and cautious so that the muscles of the anus are used and relaxed. When this happens, the second finger is entered. To find the prostate, you need to press fingers toward the scrotum gently.

The success of the search will be evidenced by the pressure that appears in the head of the penis, and the proximity of orgasm – the increase and hardening of the gland itself. Stimulate should be careful, carefully listening to the feelings of men.

External stimulation

External stimulation implies a so-called “love massage”, which is performed by a partner in the perineum. It should be gently massaged in circular motions and pressing on the skin, moving a finger from the scrotum to the anus – to the location of the prostate.

The closeness of orgasm is determined by the pulsation, which is felt under the fingers. This massage leads to a bright orgasm with a generous outpouring of sperm. If you stimulate the prostate immediately after orgasm, you can significantly reduce the recovery time, and the erection will return almost immediately.

Thus, after repeating the message two or three times, you can give a man a multi-organ. However, note that the effect to a large extent depends on the original constitution, the sexual temperament of a man.


Prepare a bathroom with warm water. Lie on your back, and put your feet on the side walls. Lubricated with a fat cream or lubricant, enter the index finger into the anus. The edge of the prostate is approximately at a depth of 5 cm. Feel it and gently press on it in turn from each side to the centre.

The pressure of the finger is determined by the sensations and the state of the prostate gland. While it is soft, movements should be gentle and cautious, and as hardening (stimulation) it is possible to strengthen pressure. At the end of the action, draw a finger along the central groove, pushing the contents of the prostate in the direction of the exit.

With the help of massagers

Today, in every sex shop you can find prostate massager of the prostate. These devices are often made in the form of a penis, are made of elastic materials – silicone, polyvinyl chloride and thermoplastic rubber, and are most often equipped with a vibration function. With a massager, it will be easier for you to stimulate and achieve an unprecedented bright orgasm of the prostate without hands.

Do not forget to disinfect the massager (treat with antiseptic or boil), lubricate the anal opening and massage the lubricant. Massage of the prostate with the use of special massagers is better to perform after the muscles of the anus have become accustomed to the thickness of two fingers. The man’s position – lying on his side, with his legs pressed to his stomach. The stimulant is injected into the rectum up to a distance of 7 cm, after which it is possible to activate vibration.

You can also do massage, squatting. The main thing is to relax as much as possible. In addition to the prostate gland, vibratory massagers stimulate the walls of the anus, which will allow you to get even more pleasant sensations. Remember, after the message is over, you need to urinate to get rid of the seminal fluid.