Dildos and Outdoor Sex

Choosing a dildo: the best models and brands, average price, differences

Maximum adults need the help of adult toys to enjoy their sex life with complete pleasure. You can hide it from others but not from your partner. If you have no experience in the field of piquant devices and you can say, a beginner, it’s best to begin your acquaintance with the world of erotic devices with a dildo. This is a universal thing that will help embellish sex with a partner or deliver pleasure without it.

To discover new facets of pleasure, it is important not to make a mistake in choosing your new “friend”, and this, in turn, depends only on your needs and sexual preferences. Sex with a dildo will take a lot of pleasure when you consider a few important points before buying it. After all, the current diversity and versatility of the range in the sex shops causes the eyes to run. Come about these biggest facts about dildos to put in bed.

Materials for sex toys, the bestselling phalli

As a rule, with the use of dildos in women do not have as many problems as with their choice. Indeed, it is difficult not to get lost, because the appearance of intimate “helpers” is impressive. There are also options for partners with an incredible sexual fantasy, which are made in a futuristic style – after seeing such gadgets, not everyone can guess their real purpose.

Materials for sex toys, the bestselling phalli

The most popular models of dildos are made of the following elements:

Cyber skin – make it realistic dildos for women. The coating of such sex toys as close to human skin as possible not only visually but also to the touch. This version of the product is suitable for lovers of “classics” and thrills. There are only two drawbacks to such dildos – a relatively high price and complex care.

Silicone is the most common material used in the adult toy industry. Sufficient flexibility, the ability to quickly take body temperature and affordable cost allow silicone dildos to take their place of honour in the market of erotic devices. Unlike cyber skin dildo, this one is easy to wash, it is more durable.

Latex: This material does not fit every girl, the reason – the specific stickiness of the product. But thanks to its elasticity and moderate hardness, it is latex dildos for women that are on a par with silicone ones.

An elastomer is a budget option for beginners. Those who already have particular experience in using piquant toys, such products do not attract, in the first place, the pronounced “rubber” aroma. However, it is the dildos of elastomer on the suction cup that are ideal for girls who are in search of the perfect size and shape.

Glass dildo will help to realise the most daring and incredible fantasies. This material has a lot of advantages – it is durable, durable, has a non-porous texture, which provides easy care and antibacterial protection.

The surface of the phallus can be very diverse – this is an indisputable plus. Every sex shop today offers products with a smooth and ribbed texture, sinewy and bumpy dildos.

Vaginal and anal dildos, women reviews about models

Surely many people know that the current sex toys are conventionally divided by purpose. There are vaginal dildos and gadgets for anal penetration. An equally exciting option is double dildos that can be used with a partner. Such models are curved, as they were developed specifically for the simultaneous stimulation of the male prostate and the female point G. If you want to order a double-faced dildo, it is important not to be mistaken with the diameter of the product. This is especially true of the second halves, which for the first time are experimenting with anal penetration. Otherwise, if you are sure that the dildo will be used only by you, without a partner, stop your choice on the product on the suction cup with additional elements to stimulate the clitoris.

So, it’s time to move from theory to practice. Now let’s talk about the best-selling dildos, who donated more than one orgasm to their owners:

Double dildo “A-polymer”: Dildo length is 42 cm. Due to the excellent flexibility of the product; it can be used for anal-vaginal penetration. The cost of the product in most online stores for adults ranges from 3,500 dollars.

The realistic Real Dong dildo of the Nature Skin line is a high-quality traced sex toy with excellent density. The product is equipped with a suction cup, so it is well fixed. The length is 20 cm; the price is about 3000 dollars.

Vaginal dildo with ejaculation Squirting Cock Flesh – Pipedream: For many girls, this option is ideal, as it allows you to maximise your feelings to the natural. The gadget is made of silicone; the length is almost 18 cm. The product is about 5 cm in diameter. It can be used as an anal dildo, but only with a water-based lubricant.

Gigantic Big Boy dildo, 30 cm is a replica of the penis of the pronator from the colt series. The sex toy is more expensive than other options and not every lady is suitable, because its working length is more than 23 cm, and this “king size” is over 5 cm in diameter.

Realistic sex toys that most often buy

Most dildos are popular with both women and the stronger sex. Especially if they can be used as a nozzle for a strap-on, like, for example, this option is The Best Lover dildo (20.5 cm). The toy is qualitatively traced, has a clear decorated head, a thick trunk.

This realistic dildo is made from cyber skin and, despite its relatively short working length (13 cm), can lift any woman to the top of bliss. What’s the secret? This powerful 6-centimetre “friend” bends well and looks no different from the official sexual organ of a man. The dildo is equipped with a suction cup; you can only operate with water lubrication.

With such an intimate gadget, bed games will be twice as exciting and will bring in as many times more pleasure. This great dildo will allow you to experience a new kind of happiness. At first glance, it may seem that because of the impressive size of the toy, only those who have seen it in the erotic field can use the toy. Its dimensions are close to natural: the vaginal dildo has a length of 17.5 cm, and the anal – 15. Both dildos not only look but also feel quite realistic. But that’s not all! The highlight of this sexy device is black.