Using Hang Swing For Outdoor Sex

Sex Swings: How Exciting can it be for your Erotic Sex life

Sex – swing is a device that allows you to try dozens of unusual postures during proximity. And this is a device that helps couples with different height, with back injuries and overweight to realise any sexual fantasies without unnecessary burden.

What are sex swings for?

What is sex swing? This is a thing for experimentation. Most often they are bought to experience sex in flight or to find new positions for sexual experiments. It can be placed on a swing both the man and the woman. With their help, you can engage in any sex.

In the process of using “hanging” partner almost does not make movements. He can completely relax and enjoy what is happening. The active person directs the actions of the swing, leading the speed. At the same time, he spends the minimum amount of energy.

Swings make it possible to try up to 50 new poses. You can sit in the sitting, lying down, on the stomach and even on the side. Access to different erogenous zones allows you to try different affection. And on the swing, you can also bind a person to give a feeling of helplessness. Also, there are ways of hanging sex swings as tips.

Use sex – swing is often recommended by doctors. If a person has injuries, they help to reduce the load during sex. But it does not reduce the sensitivity, and often make lovemaking more exciting and bright.

Who should buy a sex swing?

Buy a device for sex experiments can each pair. And the swing will be useful at any age. This is a real way to make lovemaking unusual and bright. But some couples need such a device more than others.

Different growth: If the partners have a difference in the height of more than 40 cm, they may not realise all the postures. A sex swing helps lift a person, fix it at a comfortable height. This makes standing poses available. And you no longer have to squat, bend down your knees or adapt differently.

Excess weight: With a huge influence, sex swings can also help. They remove the load, allow you to experiment without fear. Swings can withstand up to 150 kg of weight, and a full person, thanks to them, easily sways in the air. Fat people can no longer be limited to some positions, and they can experiment. And with a sex swing, you can lose weight. Some models help to strengthen the muscles, and sex with them becomes training for different muscle groups. But before experimenting doesn’t forget to read the instructions on how to hang sex swings.

Injuries to bones and joints, diseases of the spine: With such difficulties, heavy loads are prohibited. And it is sex – swing helps to avoid them. As a result, intimacy does not disappear, but changes. But the sensations are only getting brighter.

What is a sex swing? This is a way not to give up pleasant sensations in any circumstances. This is sex help and the opportunity to discover something new.

Types of sex swing

All sex swings can be divided by the method of attachment. There are three broad groups:

With a rack: Included are not only swings but also a metal base, on which the device is hung. Such models take up a lot of space. The base is 220-240 cm high, at least 160 cm wide. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. And this design reliably fixes the swing, does not allow moving. This is a folding model. When folded, they look like a small bag that is easy to store even under the bed.

Sex swing at the door: The most compact option. The seat is always soft. They are put on any door and fixed by closing this entrance. It is worth using only on solid doors since interior ones are not still capable of supporting the weight of a person. During operation, the door acts as a support for the back. On the swing for sex, mounted on the door, you cannot spin. The number of poses is limited. But this is the most budget model. They are easy to take with you, even when travelling, as they take up very little space.

Suspended sex swing: This is a swing for sex experiments that are suspended from the ceiling. They are fixed on one or two hooks at the base of a dense spring. It is on such suspensions you can feel the state of weightlessness. If the spring is one, then the swing can turn around its axis. For fixing you need a severe hook in the ceiling.

These models also differ in price. The most expensive model is with the counter. But it does not require any additional costs for installation.

Types of grounds sex swing

What is a sex swing? This is the base or seat and straps for fixing the arms and legs. Sometimes there may be another device to maintain the back. There are two large groups of swings with different stiffness.

Sex swing with a platform: This is a robust model. At the base – a rectangle of wood, metal, sheathed with a soft cloth. Attached to it are slings and belts. It is to such a swing; you can connect a rigid back. Often, such a device is left in a prominent place, and it looks like an ordinary children’s swing. And only for sex to him additionally, attach the attachment to the limbs. Convenience depends on the size of the base. If it is small, then it is convenient to lie on his stomach. If the base is large, then you can stay on the back, side.

Sex – swing in the form of a hammock. A model that is more common at the base of a wide belt or soft fabric, in the way of a large bag. The person lies inside and takes a comfortable posture. The hammock is considered the most convenient variation but the more significant the footprint, the better. Soft sex swings are made from dense materials.

For decorating the interior is to choose a swing with a platform. No one will ever guess what they are for sex. Soft rhythms, however, will have to be cleaned each time so that they are not visible to strangers. Yes, and a hook in the ceiling, if it is, will have to decorate somehow.