Love and Sex in the Desert

As we were driving to Burning Man at the end of last summer, I came across a listing for a class called “Intimate Breathwork & Eyegazing”. The workshop promised to help couples connect in a very deep way and I thought “I want to connect in a deep way with my husband… let’s do this.”

If you’ve never been to Burning Man, let me pause and set the scene. Burning Man is a city constructed for a week in the Nevada desert offering its 60k+ participants an array of experiences largely revolving around meeting strangers, sharing your passions, exploring art work spread throughout 7 square miles and enjoying music played by DJs. Personally, I enjoy attending for creative expression, reflection and renewal.

On Thursday morning at 10am, we hopped on our bikes and headed across the dry and dusty city toward the workshop. When we arrived, several other couples had already arrived, and by the time the class started, the deliciously air-conditioned tent was full of other couples also lured by the promise of deep connection with their loved ones.

Now I don’t know how much eye gazing you do in your normal life, but it turns out I don’t do a lot. I mean, I’m a good student and learned to look people in the eyes during a presentation. And at some point during dinner, I take a moment to look at the people I’m talking to instead of the food that I’m eating. And maybe I’ll catch the eye of the clerk at the grocery store or coffee shop. But overall, I don’t actually spend much time in my day gazing into other people’s eyes.

Despite my relative lack of experience with eye gazing, I jumped into our first workshop exercise thinking, “This will be easy” and began to follow our instructor’s guidance to look into my husband’s eyes for a couple minutes. Almost immediately I was intimidated by the raw intimacy of looking in someone’s eyes so deeply. Instead of being able to settle into the gaze, I began thinking “Should I be looking at his left eye, or his right eye?” and “I wonder which of my eyes he is looking at? Is it possible to look at both eyes at once?” And thoughts like “I never noticed we breathe at such different rates!” and “How is he so calm when this is totally starting to unnerve me?!?”

Based on conversations with girlfriends, I knew that most of us keep our eyes closed during sex, especially during orgasm. We agreed this helped us stay focused on sensations. And most of us had sex in a dark or very dimly lit room. We agreed this was romantic, not to mention kind to body parts we may not want highlighted. But at that point in the workshop, I was starting to realize that I had avoided staring into my husband’s eyes for extended periods of time during sex because it is too vulnerable, too intimate. Which is a little ironic, because one of the things I crave most in my relationship is to be seen.

That’s a lot to take in less than five minutes into the workshop, and the learning wasn’t over yet. Little by little, I began to settle into the moment. So that my eyes didn’t feel twitchy, I picked a single eye to stare into, which helped my breath rate slow and start to match my husband’s breath. The corners of his eyes got all crinkly and happy in response, and I mirrored the same back with mine. I dare say it even started to feel nice.

And then I noticed his height meant I had to look up to meet his gaze and he had to look down, which suddenly gave me a sense of powerlessness, which in turn brought tears to my eyes. To be clear, I am NOT a crier. Yet here I was abruptly and unexpectedly crying! Thank goodness the instructor had started calmly explaining that this could bring up a lot of emotion and gave us a moment to connect verbally with our partners and share what was going on.

When I explained to my husband how I was feeling, we decided to put a pillow under me so I could be the same height as him. The sense of powerlessness I felt was something we agreed to explore more later, and I’m sure different things came up for others in the workshop that were specific to their relationships, but our mini-intervention of bringing my eyes level with his allowed me to settle back into the exercise once more. The class was only 20 minutes, but even in that short time, I felt both deeply connected with my husband, and also learned a few new things about our relationship and myself.

Later that day we took the connection further by integrating eye gazing into sex and I found it much more intimate than eyes-closed sex. In the year since, I’ve learned that there are days when I’m craving different points along the sexual spectrum from purely physical to purely intimate, and I’ve found the conscious decision to keep my eyes closed or to seek out my partner’s gaze gives me a tremendous amount of control over the experience.

And now, we head to the desert once more. I wonder what workshop I’ll discover this year…

Outrage over desert island sex show

An outrageous new American TV show which tempts participants to be unfaithful to their partners and have sex with other people is causing a storm of protest.
Temptation Island, which starts today in the US, consists of six, one-hour long episodes.

Four young, unmarried couples test the depth of their commitment by separately spending time on a steamy island paradise off the coast of Belize.

There they date members of a 26-strong team of scantily-clad hunks and babes. The contestants then have the chance to vote off the island the people they think their partners find most attractive.

The winner – the person who avoids all temptation – will walk off with a cash prize.

Among the attractive ‘bait’ brought on to the island to tempt the contestants are a former cheer-leader of a US basketball team, a former Playboy model, a beauty queen, the founder of an online dating service and a massage therapist.

Religious leaders and family groups have condemned the show as ‘trash’ and say it endeavours to prise couples apart.

Yet Sandy Grushow, chairman of the Fox Television Entertainment Group which is broadcasting the show, insists: ‘This is not a show that is about sex. This is a show that is exploring the dynamics of serious relationships.’

However, participants have been tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

One of the unmarried couples was dropped from the show after the programme makers learnt the pair had a child. The producers had decreed that no married couples or those with children could take part.

But the couple ‘misrepresented information about their background – specifically, the fact that they had a child together,’ said Fox.

Fox has refused to reveal whether participants in the show, which has already been recorded, give in to temptation.

It is not yet known whether there are plans to bring the show to Britain.

Temptation Island is being broadcast less than a year after another Fox show, Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?, caused a controversy when it was learned that the groom was under a restraining order sought by a previous girlfriend.

Intimate Sexual Positions REVEALED

Are you looking for some sex positions to get some better pleasure? Well, there are many ways in which sex positions can actually help you to get a better life, and we are here to tell you all about it. These positions are really easy, and if you are planning to make out with your girlfriend, then you should check these out for better sex for your first time.

There are many sex positions that can be helpful for your sex life, and if you are looking for some better ways, then you can check out the Extreme outdoor sex enthusiast site that can give you some better ideas to have sex. It is better to have outdoor sex, but still, you need some courage a space to help you with the sex. Anyways let us get to the best positions that you can use to get better sex experience.


This position needs your partner and you to be in a spoon shape. This requires you and your partner in the bed sleeping behind one. This position can be bliss, and you can feel more friction while fucking with your partner.

This is actually a cuddle position, but you can get so many things done with it and with such a tight position you can feel tight pussy on your penis that can be a pleasure for you and your partner.

Missionary with a Pillow

Yes, Missionary can be a little hard, and when you do it with a pillow, then you get perfect angle to make love with your partner. There are many things that can help you in missionary and it is said to be the most pleasures position ever in the history of sex positions.

The position is in such a way that you have to be on your girlfriend and insert the penis in between the legs with a pillow down the ass.

Doggy Style

Now,  this is the most popular position that you can check out on Extreme outdoor sex enthusiast site. This needs you and your partner to be as dogs make love and you all might be familiar with the doggy style.

Using sex dolls for outdoor sex

How to choose a sex doll

The insane rhythm of life dictates its own strict rules, in which often the fad about a person’s personal life is minimized to impossibility or is simply absent. The growing dissatisfaction with the quality of life leads to poor health and perception of the world, as a result of which a person is lost in constant depressions. Are you tired of everyday sex with a partner, are you not satisfied with any elements of sexual intercourse, or would you just like to qualitatively embellish your sex life? In fact, the buyer has a lot of reasons for finding an artificial sex partner substitute; we just touched the most basic ones! One of the most popular imitators of sexual partners is such erotic goods like sex dolls. Modern dolls are made at such a level that it will be very difficult for you to distinguish them from a real partner or partner. And we are talking not only about the external similarity, but, of course, about the realism of sensations derived from the sexual act itself.

What are sex dolls and what are they like?

Sex doll is a simulator of the human body in full growth with the presence of oral, vaginal and anus. There are simple dolls – rubber and inflatable body pillow sex dolls. Outwardly, they very remotely resemble a female or male body, but skillfully made the necessary bulges and crotch can bring unforgettable pleasure. More sophisticated dolls are made of latex and cyber skin, they look very natural and realistic, and the sensations of sexual intercourse are very close to the sensations of real sex with a partner / partner or even surpass them. Some models of sex dolls are equipped with vibrators, which, as a rule, are controlled by external DPU.

A special place among sex dolls is occupied by dolls, whose forms are made according to the casts of the bodies of movie stars for adults. It is, so to speak, aerobatics among sex dolls. The owner’s fantastic pleasure is provided by the very fine and painstaking work of the masters of the leading sex-goods factories, the excellent quality and durability of products. How many times have you dreamed of having a porn diva watching adult films? Now it is possible with an exact copy of the star’s body!

What subcategories of sex dolls are represented in our store?

There are several different subcategories of sex dolls and we want to provide you with brief information about them and thus help determine the choice of toys.

Women’s dolls with a vibrator are common sex toys that are made in the form of a man’s body (women or men, of your choice) in full growth. These toys are made of latex or vinyl, the crotch and holes are made of cyber leather or latex. Sex dolls are equipped with vibrators in the oral, vaginal or anal areas. Vibrators, vibropuli and vibro eggs work on batteries – pay attention to this when buying, so that your joy from buying a toy is not overshadowed by the shoots in the shops looking for the right batteries. Also, some models are equipped with vacuum stimulators that are driven by an external pear mechanically, i.e. manually. You independently regulate the pressure on your organ inside the cavity of the doll.

A sex doll with a vibrator combines all the realistic charms that girls can contain, and without effort will be able to give pleasure to the most sophisticated lover. The doll-woman is made in full growth, has a pleasant to the touch skin, which is almost impossible to distinguish from this, hair and even look. Built-in multi vibration in combination with standard openings will give you many unforgettable sensations! Dolls can stimulate the penis both orally and with the help of a vaginal or anus.

Go to subcategory:  Woman’s dolls with vibration

Female dolls without a vibrator – made specifically for men who would like to engage in self-gratification with something believable. The simplest dolls, inflatable, are made of vinyl and have a remote resemblance to a person in general face and body. More complex models are made of latex, have more similar facial features of a person (like mannequins). The body itself also looks realistic. Dolls are made in full growth and detailed to the feet and hands. We also want to note that in many models the fingers and toes, elbows and knees, navel, etc. are not traced, but if you want a complete imitation of a person, you should take a closer look at super-realistic dolls.

Puppets without a vibrator also have three openings – oral, anal and vaginal, however in some models the following pairs are found: anal-vaginal, oral-vaginal. Pay attention to this, carefully read the product description and ask questions to managers. Also, these dolls are quite flexible and you can easily place them in any position. Do not forget that the color of hair, eyes, skin, you can also choose what you want from the range.

Woman’s realistic dolls

Super realistic dolls are like a game in which you can try to find a few differences from a real person, and believe me, this is not so easy. Creating realistic sex dolls has become incredibly popular, because they are able to imitate a real man or woman as much as possible. The highlight of this subcategory of goods is the dolls, which are made on the casts of the bodies of porn stars with accurate drawing of each bend of the star’s body to almost the smallest details in the form of moles! This is really the highest aerobatics among the entire range of sex dolls! These dolls have a skeleton made of PVC, a metal that is equipped with bending joints. Thus, you can bend the doll in any poses that you just want.

Of course, super realistic sex dolls are heavier than ordinary inflatable ones, but lighter than real human bodies. There are also options with vibration and pump, which in themselves only reinforce the sensations. Moreover, some dolls can make sounds and have a certain vocabulary. Super realistic sex doll is just the perfect lover. But be careful, these dolls look so realistic and natural that some of their owners really fall in love with them and no longer think of life without their dolls.

Summing up this brief overview, sex dolls are just perfect lovers and lovers! Judge for yourself: they do not have a headache, there are no regular stresses and depressions and in the end they do not require a fresh bouquet, dinner in a restaurant and an expensive fur coat or foreplay! They are ready to surrender to their owner at any time when only he wants it! In other words, everything is in your hands, make your choice and get maximum pleasure!



Outdoor sex stool positions

Different furniture to enjoy sex stool positions

Granny stood quietly in her rocking chair, but not the lovers who will try to adopt the homonymous sexual position, a real catapult to the 7th heaven. While the woman is making every effort, the man puts soft kisses on her back to encourage him. A position for brave lovers is flexible and in search of thrills.

As on a rocking chair, the balance point is hard to find in this sexual position. It is at the same time the interest of both lovers, who learn to lose control and surrender to pleasure.

The woman, bent forward, is in a half-sitting posture, legs apart. She holds her partner’s feet so as not to fall. She is back to the man, who holds her in his arms. The lovers can thus keep the balance without really promoting penetration.

For, in the position of the rocking chair, it is up to the seated woman to take the reins. It guides the penetration and its speed. If, nevertheless, it has more amplitude of movements than the man, it cannot however use his own hands. Sir, he takes advantage of the sight of the back of his partner to kiss everywhere.

This is a way to discover parts of the body that we quickly lose the habit of exploring. However, the back can be an erogenous zone if one devotes oneself to it quite well. The man can also make sure to go up a little by changing the position to reach the neck of the woman. He can hold, suspend or hold his partner with both hands, and release from time to time to caress the waist, legs or breasts it will give heart to the book to the woman, who must take care of give pleasure to both partners at once.

If the man appreciates such efforts made by his lover, she will certainly not appreciate if she lacks flexibility or suffers from the back. Thus, you will be warned: the rocking chair is not as relaxing as that. Want a little adventure to make love? So leave the bed and have fun with the chair’s position.

The technique

If you want another playground to make love, indulge yourself by testing the position of the chair. It is rather simple to put in practice accessory side since you need only a chair, as the name suggests! Otherwise, a stool, sofa or other flat surface that allows you to have your feet on the floor will also do the trick.

It is also a position that is ideal if Madame wants to rhythmic coitus. Indeed, once his partner sitting on the chair (or any other furniture selected before), she comes to put on him. Then she has to move by lifting and then falling to adjust the penetration according to his fantasies. If he is a little more passive, the man is however not deprived of possibilities to stimulate his beauty. Thanks to this posture a little quieter, it can especially caress the clitoris of the woman. For her part, she can touch her breasts, a self-stimulation of an erogenous zone conducive to favoring her orgasm.

The advantages of the Chair

Admittedly, this sexual practice is not very romantic since the woman turns her back on the man. The two partners cannot see each other and follow visually the rise of pleasure in the other. But the deprivation of one of the five senses can also be very erotic. You imagine things; you also rest more on the other senses, which are more acute. The touch is thus favored thanks to the exchange of caresses between the two lovers.

Another advantage: it is quite easy to practice the chair in any space of the house. Moreover, you can for example do it in a room where there is a large mirror (bathroom, bedroom), which will allow you to see you give you pleasure.


If you prefer you look in the eyes when you make love, you can try the amazon. This is exactly the same principle as the position of the chair except that the woman rides her lover, sitting on a chair, from the front. It controls movements back and forth but the man can also guide with his hands, while stroking his back, hips or buttocks.

Want to test other positions?

But these positions are far from being the only ones available for making love. Machine of Love, inspired by the mythical Kama sutra, offers 100 postures to test. Very romantic, more acrobatic, in front of or without seeing each other, in the bed or in other rooms of the house, there is really something to push your limits and to (re) discover intimately and sensually. And rest assured: each of the sexual positions is illustrated and accompanied by practical advice to help you become a true master of Love. All you have to do is go to the seventh heaven and make your partner climb the curtain. Because yes, with Kama sutra, orgasm is (very) often at the rendezvous!

The position of the Chair is suitable for:

If you let yourself be tempted by bondage then dare to experience sex out of bed. Great if Madam wants to dominate. Make love this way to touch the stars. An ideal position for pregnant women is a position to test for intense pleasure.

Sex on a chair with comfort: a guide for sex without a bed

A passion shot can take you anywhere, it will not look for a comfortable place, time and bed. When there is no bed nearby or any other comfortable surface, you can use other furniture. The chair, for example, is ideal!

If you are not the world champion in gymnastics, adapt to sex on a chair possible and even necessary. Such a sex gives incredible sensations.

Massage chair

This does not have in every home, but there is certainly in the break room at work or at the recreation center, where you can go with your partner for a weekend. The massage chairs are rather soft, comfortable, big, and most importantly – they are unfolded! And if you are too lazy to move, you can include the massage mode and the chair by itself will do for you. One of the most practical items on the massage chair is when it is a bit spread, the guy is lying down and the girl spans (face or back). Rhythmic movements and massage mode – and you want to buy this home chair.

Office chair

To enjoy sex stool positions this is an ideal armchair for almost any seating position, as well as very convenient for oral sex. Office chair of the skin will not be suitable for having sex in the heat, but if you have air conditioning, welcome. The sensations will be unforgettable. But remember that almost any office chair equipped with wheels, so that the movements to be too active, it can go or twist around the axis. The only way out is to press it against the wall.


You might not even want to deal with the sex of using this chair, but this unforgettable experience. It is very convenient to use this chair for anal sex. The girl is sitting on a chair; the man is tied behind and makes friction.

Urethral Sounding For Outdoor Sex

Sexual intercourse through the urethra

A man can masturbate in different ways, and one of the rare types of self-satisfaction is urethral masturbation. This is the process when any objects are inserted into the urethra. Not everyone likes this kind of stimulation, and many people don’t get the pleasure to receive from it on the first try.

Features of sounding and sex toys for such masturbation

Sounding is stimulation of the inner surface of the urethra. This is a very tender area, touches to which give incomparable emotions. But it is important to properly prepare this procedure, and the use of certain items.

In the sex shops today you can find special devices for such effects. They are called differently: urethral catheters, urethral massagers or urethral dilators. They are made of glass, silicone or metal. The surface of each sex toy is absolutely smooth, and the diameter does not exceed 1 cm. The options for beginners are very narrow; gradually you can choose wider models.

The urinary tract has a width of 4 to 7 mm, but is able to stretch. At the first immersion inside pleasant emotions do not always occur. And afterwards, there is always a tingling and burning sensation during urination. In further experiments, the side effects become less pronounced, and the pleasure more and more.

Stimulation of the urethra easily leads to injury, and infection can get into any wound. Therefore, the procedure is carried out after careful treatment with antiseptic tools, hands and genitals. It is a fetish of pushing a rod down your penis for sexual pleasure.

Safety rules for urethral masturbation

It is forbidden to enter objects not intended for this purpose into the urethra. You cannot use knitting needles, paste from the pen and other things. Firstly, it is impossible to disinfect them well, and secondly, they can injure tissues.

Starting experiments is better with silicone sex toys. They are soft, flexible, and less traumatic. Metal or glass is suitable for those who already know the features of the procedure and have passed it many times.

Massager for the urethra should be treated with Chlorhexidine, Miramistin or other disinfectant solution. They wash their hands and dick. It is very important to prevent any bacteria from entering the genital organ. That is why it is better not to use hollow urethral catheters for beginners. They allow you to experience ejaculation without removing the device, but it is much more difficult to wash them.

Masturbation lubricant must be sterile. This is a special type of lubricant that will prevent infection. Choose a water based option. Apply grease in several runs. First, a little substance is squeezed onto a sex toy, it is driven 1 cm into a member, removed and the lubricant is again applied and the procedure is repeated. It is important that the lubricant gets inside in the right amount.

Movement inside made smoothly to avoid scratches. Shaking and jerking is prohibited. And no need to hurry. You have to get used to this procedure, but then it gives bliss.

Ways to stimulate the urethra

You can affect the urethra in different ways. All of them can be traumatic, but it rarely stops anyone. You can choose from:

Translational movements: Dive inside objects. They can slowly or quickly enter, move them in different directions. The speed is regulated independently.

Vibration: Urethral stimulants can be equipped with a vibration function after the introduction just turns on the desired speed. This reduces the impact on the mucous, but at the same time gives a pleasant experience. Vibration can be external, then inside the stimulator, and outside a massager or a vibrator, they can be driven along the trunk of the penis and around the head.

Electro-stimulation: Today, exposure to the urethra is possible even with the help of current. Special urethral massagers are designed for unusual caresses. Small discharges of electricity give a gamut of sensations: from tickling to tingling and it’s definitely worth a try.

Sex toys for urethral masturbation

There are special items for sounders. They are presented in our catalog. These are narrow stimulants that safely act on the urethra without damaging the skin inside the penis.

Stimulator of the urethra Sport Fucker Ultra Sound

It’s a flexible and gentle silicone urethral stimulator. It can be used from two sides. He has a ball on the end. Its introduction may even be painful, but some people like it. The diameter of the ball is 1.5 cm. The other side is narrower – 0.8 cm in diameter, its introduction is more suitable for beginners. The stimulator is not smooth, its surface changes thickness, but there are no sharp corners and any protrusions that can injure the skin. The length of the stimulator is 18.5 cm. It is easy to clean and does not require special storage conditions. Quickly takes body temperature.

Vibrator for the Urethra Dilator Vibe

The vibrator for the urethra is made of silicone. This is a gentle material that is pleasant to the touch. The diameter of the submerged part is of 0.6 cm. This value does not injure the body; it is easy to enter into the man’s penis. After the dive you do not need to make any movements, it is enough to turn on the vibration to get pleasure. A total of 7 modes of operation are provided at different speeds. It can only be used with a water-based lubricant and powered by batteries.

The metal stimulator is a stylish sex toy made from aluminum. The device is manually polished, so there are no sharp protrusions on the surface. It is used to stimulate the urethra in different ways. But the most interesting is current. To work, you need a stim-device or base to which you will connect. Electric discharges make the sensations indescribable, and it will be possible to experiment with different force of influence.

Lubricants for urethral masturbation

To stimulate the urethra it is ideal to use sterile lubricants. But they are rarely on sale. You can replace them with intimate lubricants for sensitive skin. Prerequisite – water base. Silicone-based or oil-based products are not recommended for use inside the body.

Lubricant Swiss Navy All Natural hypoallergenic

Neutral gel was created for mucous membranes that are prone to irritation. It is this composition that is needed for the urethra. It does not contain fragrances, dyes and other components that can cause negative sensations. Available in different volumes, it is more profitable to buy a large bottle. The bottle with the batcher and it guarantees that dust or other particles does not get inside. And it is easy to apply, and one portion is really enough to lubricate the penis before any manipulation.

So the answer of the question is urethral sounding painful can be yes or no or both. Urethral masturbation is not a pleasure for everyone. Refers to this process you need to responsibly, so that everything passes safely. With the right choice of devices and a clear sequence of actions there is a chance to experience orgasms that cannot be obtained with the help of other caresses.

Vibrators and Outdoor sex

How to use Vibrator for Men For better Intercourse Experience

Men who did not know that they could use a vibrator, they either thought that vibrators were only for women, or that men might like it. When men give vibrators a chance, they change their mind. Vibrators are not made for a particular type of people; they are intended for all who are interested in discovering new ways to test sexual pleasure. Men, in particular, are given few options, and vibrators can provide new opportunities and open up the sexual desire that they have not yet experienced. If you’re interested, here are tips for men on how to use a vibrator.

How to use a vibrator for men

Follow the myth. Most people think that vibrators are for women only. Since you probably never imagined that vibrators could come to you, it may take time to get used to the idea of ​​using a vibrator. The good news is that if you try it, you will be rewarded. Remember that sex toys are not made for children or certain people; they are prepared to stimulate nerve endings. Vibrators are designed for everyone, and the fact that you use one type of vibrator does not say anything about you, only your desire to feel pleasure. Experts lay down the techniques for men in using vibrator.

Examine your vibrator

Take your vibrator out of the package and see how it works and on which batteries. Play with the buttons and switches, and see what speeds and settings it has. Wash the vibrator thoroughly before use. If it is not intended for use in water, try to keep water away from the batteries. Check for sharp ends and seams. Make sure the vibrator comes with the packaging of the cells, and all the wires are solid. If there are any flaws, return the vibrator shop before use.

Start alone

Even if you plan to use your vibrator with a partner, try it alone first. You will be less shy and can concentrate without being distracted by your partner. Make sure you have time and space. If you have roommates, kids, thin walls or noisy neighbours, you can turn on the music and use blankets to mute the sound (or get a vibrator that works quietly.

Play with the lights on

Not everyone will be so comfortable, and vision may not be the feeling you rely on, but playing with a vibrator with the lights on may be educational and useful. You can find places on your body with a lot of nerve endings. This is information that you can use in the future and share it with your partner. You can achieve the same effect by touching, knowing exactly which places are particularly sensitive.

Turn it off before turning it on

This is a generalisation, but men are probably not as often concerned with all parts of the body as women. You can be 100% familiar with your genitals, but how well are you familiar with your hips? When was the last time you felt what it was like when your legs are touched from behind? Before you start applying the vibrator, feel how it works on your body. Squeeze it tightly in the skin and massage your muscles with it. This will not lead you to orgasm, but it is a slow way that introduces your body to a vibrator.

Move the vibrator inward

When you turn on the vibrator, start by touching your legs and arms with it. Touch the arms, legs, abdomen, shoulders and neck, scalp and face. Although vibrators are usually used side by side in the penis, scrotum, anus, and nipples, don’t go straight to that. Feel the vibration throughout the body and slowly move to the most sensitive areas. You can slowly move the vibrator to the inside of your thighs, slowly walk the crotch and drive in circular motions around your nipples.

Take your time: explore every inch.

The good news is that vibrators never get tired, and allow you to explore every inch of your body for sexual pleasure. Be focused on the penis that many men think that their penis is not only the sexiest part of their body but also the only thing that can lead them to orgasm. Many parts of the human body can deliver sexual pleasure. Using a vibrator is a great way to detect them. Think that you are a researcher, and the vibrator is your compass and flashlight.

Play with the speed of the vibrator.

Since men tend to use frictions for masturbation, more powerful vibrators are often needed, mainly when used around the genitals. But when exploring other parts of the body, start at low speeds, and play with speed. This can be a great pleasure.

Play with pressure.

Experiment with different strengths. It may not be so pleasant to have strong demand around the scrotum, but if you put pressure on the vibrator in the crotch area, you will stimulate the prostate. Many men find that with a sufficiently strong vibrator and enough pressure, using it on the head of the penis can lead to orgasm, even if it is not moved. Experiment with everything from a light touch of fluff to a reasonably substantial blow and see what works for you.

External and internal vibration

Hard plastic vibrators and electric vibrators are better suited for external stimulation, as they are more powerful and comfortable for external use. You can also use them for external stimulation of the anus. If you want to use a vibrator for anal penetration, we recommend buying a special nozzle for this or buying a first vibrator for anal use. You may find that vibrators made of silicone or other soft materials are more comfortable for anal penetration. Always use a water-based lubricant.

External anal stimulation

The anus (the outer part that you can see and touch) is rich in nerve endings and usually responds well to stimulus. As stated above, start slowly from the inside to the outside. See which vibrators are more enjoyable when used on the back, the inside of the thighs. Slowly move the vibrator to the anus and begin to press a little. You can twist the tip of the vibrator around this place and experiment with speed and pressure. After the feeling of novelty sensations, it becomes charming for men.

Anal penetration with a vibrator

This requires patience, excitement and a large amount of lubricant. Start slowly and energise yourself using a vibrator outside. Do not force the toy into the body. Instead, leave the tip of the included vibrator on the anus and let it slowly enter it when it is ready. When the vibrator is inside, you can experiment with speed. By tilting the vibrator towards the navel, you will stimulate the prostate. You may need to add a lubricant depending on the time you are going to play.

How to use a vibrator on a man and what are vibrators for men? There are two main types of vibrators that men can use: Anal vibrators and Masturbators with vibration and as you know, a kind of toy vibrates the prostate with vibration and the other with fluctuations.


Latex vacuum and outdoor sex

Essential arrangements for Latex Vacuum Fetish

Vacuum pump is an indispensable thing in the collection of male sex toys. It helps to strengthen an erection, you can masturbate with it. How to use the pump?

How does a vacuum pump work?

A pump is a pump that pumps air out, thereby creating a vacuum. It consists of a sealed cylinder, which is put on an elastic cuff. Above are a hose and a pear, equipped with a pressure release button. Before using the cuff must be lubricated with lubricant. Then you need to put in the cylinder penis and firmly press the device to the groin. Start squeezing the pear. By lowering the pressure, the blood flow to the penis will increase; it will begin to increase in size until it comes into erection. Now you can relieve pressure and move on to sex to secure the result on the penis wearing cockpit ring.

Remember some rules:

  • Use a lubricant;
  • Squeeze the pear gradually, not sharply;
  • Do not hold the vacuum for longer than 20 minutes.

What is a vacuum pump for?

The pump helps to establish an erection, but this is far from her only plus. What is it useful for? Vacuum pump easily increases penis size. And it really increases, unlike magic ointments and tablets. The pump also provides a strong erection. The penis becomes not only hard, but also very sensitive. If you are a fan of oral sex, then you will really like to use the pump for masturbation. The vacuum effect is similar to a blowjob. The use of a pump once a week will help men over 30 years old to avoid problems with erection. By the way, try the device on other erogenous parts of the body, for example, on the chest or the clitoris. The sensitivity of these organs will increase several times.

How to choose a vacuum pump?

The sex toy market offers vacuum pumps for every taste and color so even the pickiest client can easily select the desired model. If you need a pump without lotions, experts advise you to choose a budget model with a manual pear or automatic air pumping. More expensive models have a digital display and metric markup on the cylinder. By the way, they can be used without hands.

Multifunctional pumps are equipped with vibro elements, remote controls and realistic nozzles of various shapes. So you can feel the whole range of pleasures with a single device.

Nowadays, buying a penis pump has become quite commonplace. They are generally used to treat erectile dysfunction, but they also allow men to enlarge their sex. Pumps for external use are also called “Vacuum Pumps”. They are used to improve the quality of erections by increasing the influx and storage of blood inside the erectile tissues. Their use is also widespread to treat erectile dysfunction, because they improve the quality of erections of patients with this disorder. And it turns out that some studies have shown that they have a real efficiency in penis enlargement. Research on penis enlargement methods has proven that the penis pump has positive results.

Penis Pump: What is it?

Penis pumps or latex vacuum fetish are useful medical devices and their effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction has been clinically proven. They are also used to help patients improve the quality of their erections after prostate surgery, chemotherapy or hormonal treatments. These pumps can also treat Peyronie’s Disease. Side effects include improving the quality of erections and increasing the size of the penis.

The Benefits of Penis for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

The effectiveness of penis pumps has been clinically proven.

Penis pumps are less expensive than most other treatments available on the market. Their purchase does not generate any additional costs.

Vacuum pumps are a less risky alternative to other proposed treatments. These devices are effective if they are used moderately as part of a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The use of penis pumps is non-invasive. Their use does not require any medication or surgery.

They are used in addition to other treatments like Male Extra. It is sometimes necessary to combine several treatments to obtain positive results.

Science and research

Penis pumps are mainly used to treat erectile dysfunction problems. Many studies have been done in this area. The efficiency of these pumps is recognized in the medical sector. Many studies have also been conducted on penis enlargement methods and their results are rather contradictory. Opinions differ in this area; however, recent studies have shown that patients who use penis pumps to treat their erectile dysfunction problems find that these devices can also increase the length and circumference (width or thickness) of the penis.

The erection is triggered when the blood flow increases inside the erectile tissues of the penis. The texture of these tissues is more like that of a sponge than of a muscle. The size and quality of the erection depends on the vascular capacity of the blood vessels. If the tissues of the penis manage to store a large amount of blood, the quality of the erection will be optimal. Penis pumps improve the vascular capacity of the tissues by increasing the blood flow into the cavernous body of the penis.

The use of a penis pump as part of a treatment for erectile dysfunction also helps to increase the size of the penis. The use of a vacuum pump for ten minutes, two sessions a day for a period of three months increases the length of the penis by about 1.27 cm. The results that can be obtained using other methods of enlargement are not known.

No studies have been done to verify whether these results are sustainable. It would therefore be necessary to regularly use a penis pump to benefit from its long-term effects. However, it is possible that regular use allows the body to adapt and therefore significantly increase the size of the penis after a period of treatment.

The effect of the pump on the penis circumference has not been verified, but it is logical to think that this device has a direct influence on its size. Studies have shown that the size of the erect penis is greatly increased during the practice of oral sex. The operation of penis pumps is similar to the methods used in the practice of oral sex. The regular and moderate use of a penis pump, combined with the application of hot water or the use of any other method to soften the skin and exercises can increase the penis size in a sustainable way.

How do Penis Pumps Work and how should they be used

A penis pump is a device composed of a cylindrical tube, a compression ring and sometimes a manual pump. Penis pumps are used to create an air gap. The cylinder is usually made of acrylic material that is strong enough to withstand the pressure. Most of the most reliable cylinders are transparent, to allow the user to see the effect of the pump on his penis and to check the evolution of its size.

The compression ring is a rubber protection that covers the base of the cylinder. It is this element that comes into contact with the skin of the user. It serves as a control valve and makes the use of the vacuum pump more enjoyable. The hand pump is used to control the pressure of the penis pump. It may be a pump with a trigger in the form of a gun or bullet or a suction device with a battery. The penis pump works by creating an air gap that allows the blood to flow inside the penis. This operation has the effect of relaxing the erectile tissues of the penis under the effect of the pressure thus created.

What are the Dangers and Disadvantages of Penis Pumps?

Experts recommend that you exercise caution and limit the use of your pump. The use of vacuum pumps is not recommended for people with priapism, sickle cell disease and other forms of leukemia. The use of these devices can also be dangerous for people with blood diseases. You need to consult a doctor if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Your practitioner may suggest other methods to improve the quality of your erections, for example by combining the use of a penis pump with medication. The device should not compress the penis for more than 20 or 30 minutes maximum as it may damage the erectile tissue.

Using butt plugs outdoor

How to wear a long anal plug when you are passive?

Some passive likes to play with an anal plug to relax before being sodomized by an active guy with a big cock. Others like to wear a gay anal plug several hours for example while they walk or do their shopping. The sensation is very exciting because the erogenous zones are stimulated which makes you want to sodomy. But wearing an anal plug several hours cannot be improvised.

How to select his anal plug for a long port?

Select your anal plug for a long lasting port with care. A small anal plug will be more pleasant to wear over time than a larger or larger model. Eliminate the inflatable anal plug too! Here is an anal plug that stimulates the prostate that expert recommend. Its size is correct; it is of good quality, ideal to be worn a long time.

How to wear a long anal plug

First play with your plug and take a few minutes at home. Take a good anal lubricant gel compatible with sex toys. There is no question here of using saliva, it dries too quickly. For example, buying the Mixgliss Max gel is a good idea because this lubricant slides very well to wear a long anal plug. It is much more comfortable.

Sit down, walk, go about your business in the house, in the garden, in the garage, on the balcony. You feel the gay sex toy move in you; touch your prostate and your erogenous zones anal. Remove it after a few minutes. The next day wear this sex toy a little longer. And so on. Finally you can wear it for hours.

What are the limits to follow to wear an anal plug longer?

The limits to respect to wear an anal plug longer are simple. First your body is not made to carry a plug permanently in your anus. Your muscles still have tonicity but there may be unexpected spills or difficulties to bowel if you abuse. If this happens to you, reduce the wearing time and muscle your anal muscles by contracting and relaxing several times for a few minutes each day. Lubricate your anal plug when you feel it hooks in you. Your skin also thanks you if you follow butt plug care.

The anal plug can also press on your bladder and make you want to urinate more often than usual. If so, buy a smaller model. Listen to your body: if you feel pain, discomfort, remove the anal plug immediately. You will come back to it later.

Apparently you have returned the problem in all directions and tried several methods but take advantage of your question to recall the basics in order to perform sodomy in the best conditions.

How to perform a sodomy (or anal report) for both men and women

The secret (for everything) is envy. If you force yourself to do something, the body will not follow; it will shrink and refuse penetration. Having apprehensions is normal, but if you are really curious and eager to try the experience, you already have the essential. This is the first indispensable step.

Prepare on a hygienic level

Food: avoid eating too much the night before or just before, especially the spicy food! Be attentive to your digestion. The lighter you will be, the more comfortable you will be.

Hygiene check: If you have doubts about the state of your hygiene and you dread bad surprises during the report, the best is to check for yourself. Lubricate your finger (with saliva or gel) and gently insert it. Keep baby wipes close for you to wipe. If you find that you are not clean, there is no shame to have, it is natural that this hole is not clean! In this case you can either postpone the report or perform an enema.

The enema: you can buy pears enema pharmacy, be careful to take for the anal and not vaginal, the tips are different. This is clearly not a glamorous practice but at least you will be sure to be perfectly clean. Be careful to expel all the water! Do it quietly in your toilet, taking care that your partner is not around or put music with a good dose of decibels, because this little ritual can cause sounds not conducive to stimulate the love parade.

Setting Up

Good breathing is essential. To practice sodomy is like a session of relaxation: put yourself in an almost second state where you release your whole body. Be inspired on several times and expire just as slowly, become aware of each sensation, appreciate them. For a penetration without pain and risk of tearing, to relax and to practice with softness is primordial.

Choosing a comfortable position where you are released or / and you take control: The goal is to be comfortable, to avoid tensions.

Lubricate it to avoid any irritation and that the condom cracks: So that the back and forth is done it must it slips! Unlike the vagina, the rectum will not produce a natural lubricant. Saliva can help but may be insufficient especially if a condom is worn. Use a gel based on water or silicone so that it does not damage it.

To dilate it: tongue, fingers, small vibros or plugs, all these natural or artificial accessories are at your fingertips. Watch out for nails if you use your fingers! In any case, insert the object very slowly, little by little but not suddenly. Go back and forth and go progressively further. For the plug you can leave a few minutes well placed while masturbating. This small phase of preparation must be a pleasure!


Penetrate gently: Do things in a gentle and delicate way. Insert millimeter by millimeter. Do not try to insert the whole sex immediately, but as and when going back and forth. He will always go a little deeper. And believe me if the partner does it well, whatever its size!

Guiding yourself: You are having sex, you are two and you are together to share a moment of pleasure. Enjoy every moment, look at yourself, do you speak. One who is penetrated can guide the other gently. There is a way of saying things of course. If you are authoritarian or take a reproachful tone, you will cool your partner.

Doing good: Kiss yourself, caress yourself. Make the experience an erotic game. The best way to prepare for is not to start directly with that. You will put pressure on yourself. Do it in the swing, having already enjoyed a lot of fun otherwise. Mister makes enjoy vaginal penetration, then come lick between her buttocks, press with your tongue at the hole. If you’re afraid of hurting with your fingers, use a little sex toy, take advantage of it to lubricate. The more excited she is, the more receptive her body will be.

Yoni eggs and outdoor sex

Yoni eggs as a trainer for women’s practices

Yoni is a sacred stone in ancient China. It is a symbol of eternal life, perfection, power and power, radiating the energy of the cosmos. People believed that Yoni in the shape of an egg embodies a harmonious reunion of devotion and purity of the soul, benevolence and impartiality of its owner. Yoni vaginal balls were used in ancient times. They were used as a vaginal muscle exerciser.

The relationship between Yoni and a woman’s body

The heart chakra radiates waves that coincide with the vibrations of Yoni. In this stone are connected many elements required for the metabolic process that takes place in the cells of the body. As a result of the violation of this process, aging occurs, and Yoni helps to prolong youth. Yoni ball is a kind of simulator, well acting on the vaginal muscles and the health of the whole organism. It is believed that in Yoni concluded female power.

Yoni eggs Trainings

Yoni eggs – trainers for women’s practices. Such products are made exclusively from natural stone. In the process of polishing it is treated to a perfectly smooth surface and gives the shape of an egg. Yoni eggs can be produced with and without holes. Holes are designed to pull the rope. Nephrite is a fairly strong rock; therefore all manipulations with it require caution and the use of special equipment. The rope is necessary for ease of use. It is fixed with a pin to the clothes. In case of accidental loss of eggs from the vagina, it will remain clean, simply hanging on the mount.

How do Yoni eggs on the female body?

Yoni eggs contribute to the alignment of the feminine – energy Yin. In the set, most often, you can find 3 vaginal eggs of different sizes, each of which has separate properties. During the training of her intimate muscles, a woman increases the flow of her vital energy, develops sensuality and eroticism. You can purchase products separately.

Obstetricians and gynecologists argue that in women who use such devices for training, childbirth is easier. Due to the strengthened muscles, the birth canal remains complete, and the body’s recovery is much faster. In ancient China, it was Yoni eggs that were used in the treatment of certain female diseases. Today, they are used for the prevention and treatment of such symptoms and diseases:

  • Cysts
  • Painful menstrual cycle;
  • Chronic inflammatory processes;
  • Erosive ulcers;
  • Prolapse of the uterus;

Training with the use of vaginal balls helps to normalize the micro-flora of the vaginal environment. Reviews of Kegel balls are filled with evidence that with the help of antibacterial effects, eggs reduce the percentage of the likelihood of female diseases. In addition, they help strengthen the immune system.

Yoni balls for rocking muscles, during training, increase the release of pheromones that help attract men. Wearing eggs multiplies sexual pleasure. This is due to the action of the balls on the sensitive areas of the vagina (nerve endings). Thus, it is possible to cure female frigidity.

Egg shape is chosen for a reason. It is a rounded appearance that has a magical effect, since the earth and human auras have about the same appearance. An egg is a symbol of the life and mysteries of the universe. Moreover, this type of simulator for intimate muscles is the most convenient and effective to use, because it is possible to strengthen and develop the vaginal muscles only using this type of product.

Yoni eggs are ideal for training the muscles of the pelvic floor. Reviews suggest that Kegel balls are best purchased with a set of three units of different sizes. This product is subject to comparison with dumbbells in the gym – the larger the egg, the higher its weight. The first training is carried out using the smallest object, then the load increases. At a time when a woman can freely pull into the vagina the smallest egg, you need to move to a larger one. This is done to maintain muscle tone. The most effective workouts are carried out using a set of three eggs, but some are enough one.

How to clean Yoni eggs

Such an intimate women’s area as the vagina requires a special approach to the products used in training. After purchase, immediately before use, it is necessary to clean the Kegel balls. For cleaning a yoni egg follow this sequence:

  • In a salt solution (200 ml of water per 1 tablespoon salt) lower simulators. They must be here within 24 hours. Salt is the best way to clear them of unwanted information that was absorbed in the process of production and delivery. These devices are not subject to boiling, the heat treatment process destroys their positive properties.
  • Next, wash them in cold water. This is followed by a thorough treatment with one of the disinfectants (Miramistin, Chlorhexidine).

In addition to the owner, no one should touch Yoni eggs (including men) in order to avoid transferring foreign energy. If the touch happened then it is necessary to repeat the cleansing procedure.

Instructions for using the vaginal simulator

Correct application guarantees immediate results. But before using it is worth understanding a few important rules:

The weak tone of the vaginal muscles that have never experienced loads is an indicator for preliminary training. The preparatory stage should last until it is possible to develop elasticity and increase the strength of the muscles of the pelvic floor. If this is not done, pain will remain after each workout. In the extreme case, they generally will not be able to hold, because the egg will just fall.

To achieve the correct movement of the vaginal simulator through the vaginal canal, it is necessary to learn how to manage the three muscles (anal, vaginal, urethral), separating them. Having not curbed these three sphincters, at every tension during training, extra organs will be involved that do not affect the result of the movement of the egg. A side effect can be frequent headaches, increased pressure.

Learning to pull the egg will not work unless you work with the diaphragm. Pushing is done by creating pressure in the abdominal cavity, and the pelvic muscles at this point remain drawn. This helps ensure the prevention of uterine prolapse. For pregnant women, the use of yoni egg is also permitted. For them, experts have developed a separate set of exercises. But it is worth remembering that all movements are reproduced as carefully as possible, so as not to harm the fetus.